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August 27th, 2009 at 07:21 am

Whose Project Is It Anyway

From time to time there are “interesting discussion about various type of projects.

Recently an opinion about making Shrugs vs Sweaters sparked just such a conversation.

My reply – Well Whose Project Is It Anyway…

… And what is its intended purpose.


IF you think a Shrug is better for your purpose for ANY reason, then that is what you should make.

My Mom likes shrugs and wears them all the time – she just can’t stand a draft on her shoulders AND she like to pull it up “hood like” when she goes out in her idea of Cold Weather (pretty much anything below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (F) aka/ 23.8888889 degrees Celsius. (C)

On the other hand, I like deep cowl neck long body sweaters, sometimes with a down vest over it as a winter coat usually down to about +10 F aka/-12.22 C. My idea of deep cowl neck is not unlike a Shrug or better yet a mobius collar that can either be left down or in really ugly weather, pulled up over my hat for added protections. It also never falls off and lands on the StupidMarket floor or in an icy puddle in the parking lot.


NO ONE should EVER Feel Bad about the project they choose.

Other opinions may differ, but

– It is YOUR YARN –
use the best you can afford and be sure that it is appropriate to the project you have in mind

take the time to think about the intended use and then make your best decision


So NEVER let ANYONE discourage you or diminish your enjoyment of your chosen craft or hobby.


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    Too bad that the people who most need to take your advice to heart are just the ones who’ll ignore it!

    Jessica-Jean on August 28th, 2009


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