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September 23rd, 2009 at 00:01 am

Wonderings – Newsletter Display

Why is it that almost every newsletter I receive that is sent using AWeber looks just great in Eudora & Thunderbird and every one sent using Constant Contact does not display correctly.

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    Because Eudora and Thunderbird suffer from an excess of ideological purity, which prevents them from addressing the problem of what to do when the html/xml/whateverml isn’t formulated “just right”, i.e. according to the spec and only the spec. God(ess) forbid we should consider the rest of the world.
    Constant Contact isn’t perfect, but it is very workable across the 90%. If Mozilla et al would accept that some things that come from Redmond are actually beneficial, their products would only improve.

    And how are you and the Henry? We are well-ish out here on the left coast.



    John on September 25th, 2009
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    For all the obvious reasons, you have been in my thoughts.

    We are well-ish too, or at least this week none of the docs are suggesting getting my affairs in order, a welcome change from last year

    Back to the topic at hand – Workable is not acceptable when a comparable (and in some other ways more helpful) product is available at the same cost or less –

    Hugs to you both


    wheat on September 25th, 2009
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    Well, workable is exactly that: workable. That is, usable. Since eudora and TB together are around 5% of readers/users at best, the fact that E&TB don’t allow for non-conforming HTML doesn’t affect most businesses. Thus, workable.
    Add to that the fact that AWeber is less instantly usable (though it rewards learning), means that more people will use CC, regardless of whether it is “better” or not. After all, that’s why we have Windows, yes?

    Glad to hear that reports of your imminent demise were premature. Joy’s cancer remains in remission (7+ years), and assorted issues are also for the most part quiet. Will you be on the left coast anytime soon?



    John on September 28th, 2009


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