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March 19th, 2007 at 09:16 am

What A Concept! Can You “Borrow” An E-Book

Is it reasonable to “borrow” an ebook?

And if so, how would one do that “Legitimately”

I am not talking about a DVD or Book On Tape from the Library,

I am saying for example, your friend purchases a How-to book of some kind on the Internet.

Now I KNOW, there are conditions where it is completely within the law to transfer the ownership of that book, just as I can with “licensed software”

AND for the moment, let’s just assume it is not a pattern or chart or other craft how-to books

It is a downloadable PDF –

Now I have to tell you, I borrow a lot of books from the Library – often with express purpose of deciding if I want to buy –

So, can I “borrow” an E-Book – and then “return” it to my friend

If so under what conditions would you think it reasonable for that to be done.

This is the sort of esoteric think that keeps me up at night,

So if you have a comment, concept or opinion, I really would love to hear it.

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    In transfer of software licensing (where allowed), the digital file is removed from one computer and placed on another. (or that is what is legally supposed to happen)

    I am thinking in the case of loaning an e-Book, the same would be required. Or at least there would be a ‘lock’ placed on the digital file when it is ‘transferred’ to another computer, and the lock not removed until the e-Book is ‘returned’ and the borrower’s computer has been erased of the file. Esoteric but doable with the big network in the sky of computers, hey?!

    The other type of ‘borrowing’ could be when an individual actually looks at the e-Book on the purchaser’s computer or other media upon which the digital file is licensed. Sort of like ‘looking over the shoulder’ if you get the sense of what I mean. Sort of like being a library to look at the book but not really checking it out to take home and look at.

    Jackie E-S on March 21st, 2007
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    Hmmm. This is interesting :) I would think that (assuming that the purchase did not include a single-user license or some such stipulation) it would be *ok* to borrow a friends e-book. As long as a copy wasn’t made, and the 2 of you weren’t reading at the same time… Just as if I bought a new book at Borders and loaned it to you, it’s the same concept; just a different delivery method. I think that’s what I think anyway LOL The more I think about it, the more confusing it gets!

    monique on March 21st, 2007
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    arcoxia on April 26th, 2007
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    My beloved husband loved music and downloaded ABBA for me — knowing that I liked them. Then he went to the store and purchased the CDs so I would have them for my car.

    He believed that the Artist(s) deserved to be paid for their work.

    Anything he downloaded ‘for free’ he also purchased.

    I love that he was an honorable human being.

    Marny CA on December 26th, 2011


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