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April 24th, 2013 at 11:28 am

TIPLET: DIY Blocking Large Projects

in: Tiplets

Fiber Fantasy Blocking Kit Cover
The issue was the cost of blocking equipment and lack of space – Most of us have or do face space and money challenges at some point in our lives. Even today there is nothing wrong with frugality as part of our life style if for no other reason than it may allow us some extra money for supplies.

Wrote this up because of a side comment about blocking in another discussion that was more or less focused in cotton table coverings.

Okay, my age is going to start showing here but I would not worry over much about fancy blocking tools. Most of mine has been DIY – although I did buy one of Leslye Solomon’s kits to prepare garments for photography.

Instead, Dampen SLIGHTLY the cloth (I use a mister as is used for ironing)

Place in plastic bag, a large zip lock is good & refrigerate over night

this is to allow the moisture to soak into the yarn/thread with having to immerse in water

Next morning, remove from refrigerator

Lay the same plastic you would normal cover your table cloth onto the table.

Now working in small areas, spend a few minutes pushing and pullng the motifs into shape

Lay the cloth out as it will later cover the table

Smooth the top into shape

Finagle the sides into shape

Allow to dry.

if you wish (or need the table cleared for dinner) you can use a hand held hair dryer to glow dry the cloth.

if you are also a scrap booker and have one of those high heat blowers, just don’t get too close

in either case keep the air flow as low as possible because you don’t want it blowing the cloth into a different shape.

I originally used this method for a large coverlet for a king size bed cover in Hairpin & Broomstick Lace. Just went to the hardware store and picked up an inexpensive clear plastic painters “cloth”

These DIY methods might not make for picture perfect, but they are more than acceptable for our home and might work for yours.

Feel free to ask questions for the muddy parts Or, simply add your own ideas to help other readers.

Enjoy The Making

P.S. again showing my age, if all else fails, buy a mangle (definitely not a frugal suggestion)

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    If you frequent garage sales and see a strange apparatus made of hard-wood and studded with nails about an inch (or less?) apart, get it! It’s a stretcher. When you have really large crochet items – monster table-cloths or counterpanes, you can mount it on those handy nails and assemble the wooden parts to stretch the wet cotton to dry. Once assembled, it can stand on edge until dry. Once dismounted from the frame, the frame breaks down into a pile of nail-studded bars that don’t take much room at all.

    Of course, the one I had picked up was thrown away by my darling guys (spouse and son) when we moved in 1998. I don’t know that I’ll ever accept that they threw away so much of my stuff! Especially not the box that held my wedding ring.

    Jessica-Jean on April 25th, 2013


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