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July 15th, 2014 at 17:59 pm

Color Matching – The Process

Got a really good start “publishing” what has turned out to be much more of a project than I had hoped.

Although much more work to be done, and a number of “refinements” planned (better color, home town information, etc)

It was supposed to be an easy project – It really started as a project to cross reference the different color names used by SLon & CLon since they are made in the same mill, but marketed under two different brand names. ( and that is a story for another day )

The post it note had been hanging out for quite awhile, but Adrienne Gaskell’s sharing of her “professional crafter” cord and thread recommendations, kicked it up the “get it done” list considerably.

Even though I do sell SLON, after growing up in Yonkers and spending many a day riding my bike to and up one of the more impressive hills of Yonkers, Odell Ave to visit the nice folks at Consumers Union all sorts of questions – generally I try to buy things I want to review. Just seems more polite than to ask a supplier to give you something and then if you don’t like it – you might have to repay their generosity with a less than happy review.

So what is the process? First getting comparable samples, next to compare them using a true color light sources.

For textiles, I also like to use at least one or more manufacturer color cards – and generally for nylon and Polyester – Robison Anton Super Brite Poly is helpful.
The Robison Anton Rayon color card works well for Rayon and Silk. And last but not least, sometimes their J-Metallic.
Robison Anton threads are among my favorites for traditional Japanese Braiding, silk is just not very often in the budget.

It would be remiss of me not to also thank E L Wood and Franklin Braid – both samples for all the cord colors.

Okay, so with samples and color cards in hand, next up is
wait for a nice day, get out on the deck and compare again. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the East Coast – you don’t need me to tell you that those kinds of days have been in short supply. Especially during the window of time needed when the light is “right” (11am to 1pm and then again about 4pm to 6pm during the summer)

Because I am using some commercially produces cords with a braided sheath/cover the surprisingly easiest colors samples were generously provided by E L Wood Braiding and Bart at eXtremePara.com.

In the middle of all the information gathering was a “gift request” from a family member – so sport team colors has been added to the project and this is the current focus in how to present this. Of course, that also meant finding a way to provide information to crafters without having to discuss the issue with the intellectual property folks at the NFL or any other professional sport just because I want to help you (and myself) make affordable gifts for our family and friends.

There is still a lot of work to be done, more materials like threads and beads and findings to compare and report
Would welcome your feedback – here is how the “chart” started – scribbled on paper with a pen (yes, people do still use those kinds of tools)

HomeTown PMC-C RA-Poly SLon E L Wood CLon Web-Safe
All Football White White Snow White White White Web-Safe
15+ Black Black Black Black Black Web-Safe

It is planned to add to the blog with more about the process but the specific information will be elsewhere. Click here to see is where it is headed.
or cut and past in an new window:

Let me know what you think


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