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November 1st, 2007 at 00:13 am

Charity Challenge-American Red Cross

November is the anniversary month of this blog, in just a few days, it will be one Year old and I will be, well let’s leave it at a lot older than that okay.

For many, the Holiday season and our birthdays are often a time of reflection. I just happen to have both in same time frame.

Donate Now

Each year as we all reflect, it seems there is just no end to the natural and man made disasters that call on the charity of us all each year.

It is both heartwarming and utterly fascinating to see how the on-line community so often, so generously and so quickly responds and especially those very special people who like to bend string respond with comfort by whatever means they can.

Generous as those who practice the NeedleArts always are, when I read a note that saying someone wanted to help a friend who lost her home replace your yarn, hooks and needles, I thought how generous, but then I remembered something written September 1st, 2005, by Karey Bresenhan of Quilts, Inc wrote:

” I am terribly concerned about the urgency of the short-term needs of these poor souls–(Katrina evacuees) … for shelter and perhaps long-term living arrangements. Most of them left New Orleans with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I know there are other projects that are being started for quilts for long-term needs, but right now, folks, these people have NOTHING and most of them have NOTHING to go home to. They need help NOW! ”

In other words, comforting as new craft tools and materials might be, there are/were more urgent needs. So Karey’s words have stayed with me, and admittedly coloured how I have chosen to help since then. As we each decide how or if we can respond, some by making squares or afghans or quilts; others by remembering that the Red Cross is a wonderful way to see that their ability to provide immediate relief and necessities not just to major disasters such as fire or flood create wide spread devastation, but also locally to that family whose home has burned to ground, or to firefighters in communities across the country.

I am fortunate to have many “fiber art” friends and much loved family who live in Southern California and especially in the San Diego area. So, this year, in lieu of the usual “nice dinner” to celebrate my birthday, we are sending donations to the American Red Cross– divided between our local chapter and the San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter

I will be using the donation link for San Diego on-line donation service and designating the monies be used in both cases for:
Local Disaster Relief Fund

I would ask my friends and family who would normally send me even a dollar birthday card in the mail, to donate those dollars to the Red Cross Chapter of your choice instead. Email good wishes are enough for me – there is so much more needed by others.

I encourage you to use the On-Line method and add the amount of first class postage – even pennies can makes a difference.

If you can, please do participate in other initiatives to bring hope and comfort to victims, be it afghans or quilts for local law enforcement to have and distribute, or larger efforts to benefit the San Diego folks,

Not sure how to find your local chapter? Just plug in your zip code here:

And, if you can, be a regular Blood Donor – you can get information about this by finding and contacting your local regional center. – it just might be your life that is saved as a result of your generosity.

And yes, as the subject implies, I have a few more “Charity Challenges” in mind. So stay tuned.
Even if we don’t have a lot, it is so easy to share just a little.

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    I just thought I would share with you that my 18 year old son has just donated a total of 1 gallon of blood. He started when he was in High School where kids mocked him for doing so. He has faithfully been there every time he has been able to. As for me… I can’t donate (medical reasons). However, with the help of some friends we have donated about 15 afghans to them. There have been several devastating fires here lately and these blankets have gone here locally. You kind of get a warm fuzzy when you re watching the local news and you see a blanket you worked on right there on the TV.

    vintage_chick on November 7th, 2007


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