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December 6th, 2006 at 07:39 am

Planning To Upgrade Your Word Press?

It looked so simple, just follow the instructions (well I thought I did) and whatever new bell or whistle included would appear.

INCLUDE being the operative word here. There I was, all happily upgraded (ignorance can be bliss) being inordinately proud of myself for having done this without assistance.

Everything is great until I hit SAVE – poof, up comes

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: maybe_serialize() in /home/evilscie/public_html/wp-admin/admin-functions.php on line 937

No maybe about it, serializing not happening.

Normally this would have been a tiny problem, BUT TheHenry is out of town and up to his ears in meetings. Don’t want to bother him but, after several days of not quite finding the info I need – I confessed, gave my usual, I am sorry, I really should have told you further.

And of course, since I had posted a message AFTER the upgrade, managed to completely forget it was part of the scenario.

Well, at least THIS TIME, I did back up everything, so while I couldn’t get a post to publish, at least I did not lose everything … like the last time.

Fortunately TheHenry is quite good at seeing through the magic smoke of software, and found the following link.

Learn from my mistakes, read this support thread BEFORE you start the UpGrade.


Here’s hoping this “posts” without incident



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