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December 31st, 2006 at 17:45 pm

Designer Resources: SEO Technique Training

There has been over the past several weeks, a lively conversation in the “Quilt Art” group about goals vs resolutions.

Like so many things, it got me thinking – always a dangerous thing. So I started Planning my first 2007 What Wheat Wrote blog-A-Mentry-

It had to be about goals, and the music and lyrics I use most often when I need a jump start –
and so it will be tomorrow

Meanwhile, one of my Big Picture goals is to take the time to apply SEO to EVERY thing that I web-publish – including emails, blog-a-mentry, and of course domain pages, will have the basics of SEO applied.

Among the Business treasures I have found While Web Wandering, has been the classes offered by
J “Cricket” Bailey and much of what I will be applying can be learned or extrapolated from Cricket’s various FREE courses.

I know these next weeks will be busy ones for us all, but I would URGE you, especially those who feel they need more grounding in what the goals for Preview Promenade encompass and how to reach them, including quite a bit of basic help in how to write your entries, now and later for the best long term results for your personal blogs, your web pages and all your on-line marketing ventures.

These next few weeks will be hectic, but set a goal to join these classes, set up a folder in your email client so you can come back each day and spend a bit of time working through the messages and assignments in the coming weeks and months at your own pace.
Take the time today to start the process, visit

I know you will find some of the ingredients we need to make the pie bigger, so we all get a better slice.

Peaceful & Prosperous Wishes for 2007



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