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June 18th, 2009 at 00:01 am

If you care about your copyrights

First a note to the person(s) authoring recent highly irate drive by emails, expressing their opinion that there was no possibility this would come up again…. because the US Government was too busy instituting Socialistic take overs of private corporations…

Truth is, I kept hoping you were right – but here we go again.

And if you care,

Then best you get ready to defend them… Again

I know many of us have been working on effecting the final form of the CPSIA legislation, but it looks like we will soon be back on the front lines of “Orphan Works Opposition”

This writer has been on target before, so fasten your seatbelts.


Please remember – the best way to reach your congressional representatives & senators
is to call AND write to their district offices. Mail to the Capitol is often delayed because of security concerns.

The “ranking” of response is:

Telegram (costs money)

Letter (costs nominal funds, but time)

Telephone calls (make them frequently and be sure to say you are a voter in their district. if you work from home like me, put the number on speed dial, and call every day.
Ask, if they got your letter, Ask if the Congress Critter has read it.

Email is almost useless. Unless you have a real email for the proper staff person, it may not even be read. Of course, filling up their email box has been known to get their attention

To learn more about the Orphan Works Opposition, please visit


  • 1

    Hi Wheat:

    Fax is best: a real letter, delivered free and speedily.

    Hope all is well,


    John on June 18th, 2009
  • 2

    Hi John

    Hope you are both well too

    And YES Fax is also rather effective


    wheat on June 18th, 2009


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