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June 11th, 2009 at 16:45 pm

Figures don’t lie I can not help thinking

Unless of course someone needs to abdicate their responsibility as the head of state in these United States of America.

Besides I was reminded earlier to day that I haven’t ranted for awhile. SO here we go…

There are many who actually know me who will tell you that I am possibly one of the most tolerant of people on the planet – at least for things we have no control over, gender, ethnicity, sort of age (yes you can be too young or too old but you do need to be tolerated) etc.

Add to that I would not have lived past age of 10 but for the dedication of an Iranian Muslin Doctor doing research and surgery at Columbia Pres in the early 1950’s. Again in 2008, owe my survival to two other wonderful Muslim Cardiologists – stories unto themselves, so suffice it to say that if you knew these men you could never be anything but tolerant and welcoming to those true to the Muslim faith and the true teachings of the Koran (and yes, I have read an English translation several times)

Not just for that, but because I was raised by true Christians, the kind that while they believed their religion to be the “right” one; they also believed and taught their children that there was room in the world for diverse opinions and it was not a requirement that others adhere to the one chosen by our family.

So here we are, at a time when, according to the famous CIA World Fact Book, a publication I have a bit more confidence in than Wikipedia,

In 2007, the entire US population was estimated to be approximately 307 million souls.
The Religious breakdown in the US Religious Population is conservatively estimated at:

Protestant 51.3% 157 – 157.49 million
Roman Catholic 23.9% – 73.37 million
Mormon 1.7%, 5.21 m
other Christian 1.6%, 4.91 million
for a total of 78.5% 240.9 million of the US Population in 2007

It goes on to list:

Jewish 1.7%, 5.21 m
Buddhist 0.7%, 2.15 m
Muslim 0.6%, 1.84 m
other or unspecified 2.5%,
OR 5.5% of the population was not Christian, but still claimed affiliation with an organized faith.

With the remaining 16% saying they are not
unaffiliated 12.1%,
none 4% (2007 est.)

So where does that put the USA in the context of “one of the largest Muslim countries?

According to the somewhat rather conservative group, the University of Minnesota’s Smart Politics bloggers? The US ranks number 61 out of the “top” 70.

In fact, EVEN if you take some of the more agressive numbers – say 6 million instead of the .6% of the population (1.6 million from the CIA World Fact Book), The USA would STILL Rank in the bottom half of anyone charts including those that originate from Muslin sources such as Islam101.com plugged into the information of Muslim populations world wide? Okay move the USA up to 36th out of 70 – still not even in the top half.

As the grandchild of those who left the USSR in the early 1900’s to escape the oppression of growing Socialism, I continue to believe these United States can be big enough for all religions and ethnicities.

There is no need to hate, but there is need to for concern – just as we have been in the past over all forms of organized crime –

So I can’t help but think beyond the old saw, to,

Do we REALLY want someone setting foreign policy who obviously want to create greater divisions and and not unity, but rather to willingly to insult the intelligence of 78% of the citizens of the USA by saying we are not a Christian country?

Do we REALLY want someone who cannot do basic math governing our banks and our businesses?

Just something to think about

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    That’s a very scary thought. I agree with you.

    Robin on June 13th, 2009
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    wheat on June 23rd, 2009
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    OK, let me explain it to you — the President meant that there is no official religion (Christian or otherwise), unlike some other countries such as Great Britian (which, despite being a Christian Country by law, has a much lower percentage of Christians than the United States). Our wise founding fathers set up our country WITHOUT an official state religion for good reason, and I hope we are wise enough to understand and keep it that way.

    Shirley on July 19th, 2009
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    If, in your opinion, it would be wise to follow the lead of the founders, WHY does Mr Obama feel the need to advocate for one over another?

    We need unity not someone further dividing and creating tension between the various religious and ethnic groups.

    Lincoln got it right ” A house divided cannot stand”

    wheat on July 20th, 2009


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