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December 20th, 2013 at 06:38 am

View point suppression


Some might remember this blog started because my views were deemed too controversial to be shared in “groups”

Sometimes it is difficult to keep to the Libertarian (not to be confused with Liberal ) principle that demands if you want a right for yourself, you may not deny that same right to another.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Phil Robertson is not the issue. Nor, technically is it a 1st Amendment issue unless you ascribe to the theory that the media is controlled by the government = It is really a business decision for both network and star.

For me, supporting Phil Robertson is NOT about the personal opinions he expressed, but rather my willingness to grant ALL the parties to the converstaion (Mr Robertson, NBC & GLAAD ) the right to express their views. And MY right to choose which of those is important to me and how I will choose to act.

To those carrying on about how could PR people “let” Phil Robertson take the Interview. It also means granting his detractors the right to hold and express their view

Phil Robertson is smart and likely knew that he was giving NBC a chance to get its way – it is an issue about supporting those who would suppress the right to hold and express a different view.

NBC may or may not be making a smart business decision, only time will tell. Once the new season starts and we can see if NBC takes advantage of the situation to “edit” out the content they have long wished to suppress, Well, I doubt it will kill me to cease to watch DD and Longmire the only two shows they offer of any interest to me. Certainly it will be easy to ignore all the others carefully designed to appeal the least desirable aspects of humanity.

What remains is whether all those upset will decide to do more than make short lived knee jerk reactions.

Will the majority of DD Viewers give up ALL the shows on that Network?

Are those professing support really willing to “boycott” the advertisers? Or just threaten to do so.

What if Wal-Mart or Cabella’s decides to drop the product line, will you stop shopping there? Seems to me much more effective to starve A&E of the ratings that drive the fees they can charge “sponsors”

It is interesting to see almost no comment from the family, and all things considered hard to believe they would consider staying with A&E without Phil and the freedom to express their professed family values.

It will be interesting to observe how many will allow themselves to be distracted from the real issues facing the country by a manufactured controversy and how many will take sustained action to support their beliefs.

No matter what any of us decide and what action we take – there are to many more important issues effecting our lives, our freedoms, and our country that need our attention.

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    As a Jew, I resent and abhor his comments and spewing of hatred.

    Hitler was able to move people to his side by all his spewing, too.

    I didn’t watch that show to begin with but it’s for sure I won’t watch it ever.

    It wasn’t that long ago that Blacks were not allowed to be shown on tv; Jews and Blacks and Gay people were murdered by Christians and KKK.

    Yes, each person has the right to his/her own opinion – but at some point there must be bracketing and restraint in order to have some semblance of Peace on this planet.

    If hatred is in the bible (any bible) it’s up to the clergy to focus not on Hatred but on Love and Peace and Civility.

    Marny CA on December 21st, 2013
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    Have you read the article? Or are you reacting to the phrases reported out of context.

    wheat on December 21st, 2013
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    I have been told that I am one of the most unprejudiced people on the planet.

    Probably because it was drilled into me that the only person I was qualified to judge was myself and even that was in question. As likely, because really do believe that if I want the right to live as I choose, that same right should be extended to those who choose a different path. The old Live and Let Live theorum.

    It sounds like you may not have read the actualy article and/or missed the part where it was made clear these were his opinions, but it was up to God to do the judging.

    However I may or may not feel about his comments – it is about suppression of anyone rights that I find disturbing more than anything else.

    wheat on December 21st, 2013


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