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June 16th, 2013 at 10:57 am

Common USA Quilt – Afghan – Pillow Measurement

This is a work in progress, compiled from a variety of sources including my own experience – I do suggest reading the term explanations/glossary of the description headings –

I would be delighted to hear your thoughts for improvement including what might need to be added or changed or perhaps better explained.

Hope you find at least some helpful and will look forward to your constructive comments

Enjoy The Making


Common USA Mattress Blanket and Afghan Dimensions

  • Exact size and descriptive name may vary by manufacturer and country.
  • Measurements shown are USA-Imperial Inches
  • Common
    Description *
    Flat Top* WxL Pillow*
    each side
    Blanket* Tiplet*
    Adult Ghan 48×84 There are large people in my home and we like our ghans to be large enough to tuck or snuggle without dreafts

    Baby or ReceivingGhan 28-36 I like to line mine with a cotton receiving blanket – pre wash both before joining
    Child or LapGhan 36×48 Great Size for Children as well as those confined to a wheel chair. My mom always wanted hers to be wide so she could be warmly tucked in. I used 40×48
    Cowl gahn 40×48-60
    Another of those styles my Mom asked for. Really more like a ponco with a deep cowl neck that she couls pull up to keep the back of her head warm. These were really mostly two strips crocheted together with a 12 inch opening in the center. Then Circular crochet until she decided the cowl was deep enough. Some had a back piece requested “long enough to sit on so my bottom stays warm. The strips for these were 20×48 and 40×48 for the back. The cowls were usually 18-24 inches high.
    Crib Standard 28×52 32×52
    Crib Portable 24×38 20×26
    Youth Bed 28×60 20×26
    Standard Bunk 39×75 20×26
    Narrow Bunk 36×75 20×26
    Twin / Single 39×75 20×26 66×96
    Twin Extra Long 39×80 20×26 66×102
    Full / Double 54×75 20×26 81×96
    Long Body Pillows 20×54
    Queen 60×80 20×30 90×100
    California Queen 60×84 20×30
    Expanded Queen 66×80 20×30
    Super Queen 66×80 20×30
    King 76×80 20×36 102×106
    California King 72×84 20×36 104×110
    Grand King 80×98 20×36


    Flat Top* WxL

    each side



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    Glossary – Or how to speak in Wheat

    Blanket – Blanket measurements are very helpful in estimating the additional width needed to cover the drop – sides of the mattress.

    Common Description – These are name often used in advertising to refer to a particular product.

    Drop – The height of the mattress – varys greatly depending on type of mattress – Wheat Rule of Thumb for Adult Bedding where a dust ruffle will be likely is 8 to 12 inches ON EACH SIDE (sometimes determined by how much yarn is left to finish the project.)

    Top – this is the area that is one the TOP of the bed – or the finished size of your quilt or afghan – it does not include any allowance for the sides of the mattress or hems or well anything.

    Pillow Cover – ONE SIDE of the finished average measurement for a pillow cover (pillow case) – also useful determine how much to add to length of bed top to include covering the pillow. If you want to make a standard pillow cover, the fabric needs to be at least 40 inches plus seam allowance by the length plus hem allowance if needed. – By the way – there is no rule that says both sides of a pillow cover have to be the same.

    Tiplet – Things Wheat has learned – mostly the most difficult way – that you may find helpful as you work on your project

    Back to Chart …


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