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July 31st, 2009 at 00:28 am

Why I won’t be at MAFA to shop

I had pretty much convinced TheHenry that I “deserved” a road trip – especially since I could not attend Maryland Sheep & Wool this year.

After looking over and seeing several people I REALLY LIKE will be vending, and since it it only an hour or so’s drive – and we have been talking about a Day Trip to Gettysburg….

That was until I read the “registration form”.

Okay, $10 non-member fee seems reasonable. Maybe even more if there are exhibits

But Pleassssssse – In what universe (and certainly in THIS economy) would anyone be willing to pay an additional “Non-Participating Attendee” fee of $65 PER DAY – PER PERSON (so now we are talking $150 just to drop in on less than a dozen vendors and maybe see of the usually excellent exhibits? ….

For that amount of money I could fly Southwest to Orlando for the CHA Craft Super Show this weekend

What were they thinking…


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    They weren’t thinking at all. Either that, or they believe all the pundits who’ve announced that the Great Recession is OVER! Economically it may be over, but in real life, it has yet to run its course. We are not back to ‘business as usual’. Maybe the organizers just wanted to be sure to have a loss to this year?

    Jessica-Jean on July 31st, 2009


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