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August 27th, 2007 at 00:03 am

What Not Commentary

Knitting  At Knoon-Safari Friends Back Row

Whenever I need an acid dose of Yarn commentary, I spend a few minutes visiting “What Not” blogs.

Often times I agree -especially when “Fun Fur” is involved – although it has its place, like maybe for the manes and tails of Knitting At Knoon’s Safari Animals

Certainly much of what is being offered today deserves at least a passing “What Were They Thinking”

Although it should be pretty obvious, quite Simply they may not have been.

  • Besides, they have every right to their opinions. What I don’t accept is the claim it is not personal. Satiric humor is always personal.
  • Ridicule is always personal. Both are sometimes amusing, but always personal.
  • So… IF you are going to play the dozens, at least be honest about it
  • .

Now to those passing thoughts or some might say, some snits & tizzys:

    1. Why do the author and many of the commentators fear what is obviously intended as art

    2. Why is the recurring commentary theme almost invariable related to “fit” – and it is the same over and over. Always talking about how the style is not fitted at the waist, shaped to the human figure.

    Do the blogger and her commentators realize that some of the designs were not intended for either the anorexic waif or the hourglass figure shapes. Probably not, at least not anymore than so many of the those offering their work have “done their homework” in order to properly author a pattern.

    3. One wonders what they look like and what they choose for themselves, but like so many who hide behind a “screen name” and a “free” server, we may never know.

So with a small WARNING, the following are NOT G-Rated and likely will offend many – but then you are reading this blog, so although I avoid profanity and sexual content, you likely can take strong opinions – even if written by those lacking the courage of convictions to sign their name.

Here are the links:


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