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June 21st, 2015 at 07:01 am

What If – Causes, Consequences, Solutions

Today is father’s day in the US. There is so much I have to thank my parents for, but perhaps the most important thing was teaching a sense of personal responsibility for my own actions.

They also were kind of big on doing something rather than whining.

Recently I saw a thing with a picture of what was supposed to be a middle class working family refrig vs a “welfare household”
I did not share it, but have been thinking about it so started doing some research. Recently I saw one of the “social commentary” FB placards about how you or I would have been DEVASTATED if our “diary” was found and read and worse yet, SHARED by a sibling WITH ANYONE>
Now we have an increasing population who really believe that how often they have a BM – it should be shared.
We see almost no conversation about the cause and effect of infantizing and less about teaching morals and ethics.

Instead we see the glorification of bad behavior and teaching of hate and division rantings instead of finding and listening to and working for real solutions however long it takes to get it done.

Sure there is a huge “temptation” to not look away from the train wreck – but why and are we not contributing to the problem when we assist in spreading hate instead of finding real solutions and working to attain or at least introduce them to the current society.

It is not simple and depending on who you listen to – at least in the US, the slide on this slippery slope began in the 30’s or mid-60’s

Growing up in the 50’s, and early 60’s was not all that different except that the majority culture was accepting responsibility for one’s own actions.

Explanations are well and good and maybe comforting – looking at the symptoms is no cure for the disease = excusing the responsible parties.

and again, there are no simple solutions.
it all seems irreversible – unless, maybe if good people start standing up to the bullies, refuse to be intimidated by the baiters and accept that change is possible, but it will take time to reverse the damages.

Let’s stop lamenting, at the very least look at the causes and then KEEP talking about those causes and consequences and the small steps each of us can take individually and collectively to effect change

feel free to share your thoughts by commenting on this and yes, more to come related rant and rambling


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