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August 6th, 2007 at 10:43 am

Wal-Mart, Plastic Jesus & Barbie

Well today I am going to be walking around with that 1960’s tune Plastic Jesus playing in my head.
Somehow its lyrics seem the appropriate background to Mike’s news tidbit in todays Creative Leisure News about the USA today Report of Wal-Marts plan to offer “faith-based” toys in 425 stores – stores that have strong sales of Bibles. One toy will be a 12″ talking Jesus doll

I freely admit to a variety of emotional reactions, not the prettiest of which is the idea of a 11.5 inch Barbie hearing the 12inch Talking Jesus lecture her on her less than modest dress and demeanor,

And I equally freely admit to expressing my annoyance with the Boys in Bentonville with the use of one of those proofs of a terminally Catholic upbringing,

a loud MMOG (aka/ MARY MOTHER OF GOD, …. )

as often heard from the Nuns & Priests who teach at many a Catholic School.

Truly, I have little to no problem with Wal-Mart dumping products that do not sell like books even if they are something teaching Needle Arts & other fiber crafts, or the products support the things I enjoy (fabric, now NeedleArt, likely yarns days are numbered as well) –

These decisions are “just business”, it is 2007…

Pretty much anything I want can be found thru the independent retailers on line or in person.

I had more or less come to terms with Wal-Mart turning its back on how it built it fortunes, offering American Made goods, seems to have been just the beginning… and had almost gotten over the way the new store layouts are increasingly discriminatory for those requiring mobility assistance.

But MMOG, Talk about past time to toss the money changers out of the temple.

Wal-Mart has just taken yet another step to the Dark Side (in my opinion at least) … now targeting the small independents who have offered faith based products and worked to build up their small businesses in our communities.

The list of reasons for not shopping at Wal-Mart (to my great inconvenience) has now reached the level where I will vote with my wallet.

Sometimes “just business” can go to far, surely this event has the makings of a major quake triggered by the spinning in the Walton’s (Mr & Mrs) graves.


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    So could you pick me up one-a-them talkin’ jesuses next time you go to wally world?

    DH said I had to go to superwalmart when they built one here…and I did…and I hated it (for all the reasons you listed) but most of all because it was full of strangers who looked *very* poor. The old walmart used to be a place I would run into everyone I knew and hadn’t seen in a while…sigh…

    And to comment on your KFI post about locked websites – I found one retailer who is so paranoid he has locked out all right click functions so nothing can be copied. I was trying to copy his address to send it to someone who was going to visiting his town…waaaay too much trouble to type it all.

    Anywho – happy Tuesday – have you thought about pitching a reality show about your life for DIY? I would love to watch :-P

    yer bud
    erica in Jerome

    knitz on August 7th, 2007


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