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April 8th, 2016 at 06:05 am

Tutorial Inspiration – Part 0 – Somewhat of a Rant

Inspiration and Tutorial as such lofty words. Sometimes too much so… but they also often “fit” even when said Tutorial is really, as often happens in beaded braiding, nothing more that a set up diagram, a smidgeon of materials used, and a stringing order.

Much of my “inspiration” for the series is annoyance with people who either should know better or whatever their motivation – deliberately choose not to give accurate information.

In my strongly held opinion, if a tutorial does not include details (at the very least some basic conventions used I.e., design requires disc be turned counter clock wise – then it is not helpful. There is NO SUCH THING AS A STANDARD Braid – if you want my $$$ then you better do your homework and provide useful information.

So one might say the real inspiration behind my working out the moves for creating specific structures on a disc is a combination of laziness (wanting to find the least number of steps to obtain the desired results) and significant annoyance that those who choose not to take advantage of the PDF Publication process and include a page of basic steps (aka/step outs) –

Even so called advanced tutorials need to at least reference the braid used and if the description only says meaningless things like
Standard – that is clue to the likely value of the content – IMNHO

And so my plan to create a series of Set Up and Step Outs for Bead Friendly Braids,
Hopefully you will enjoy learning the technique and then find satisfaction in applying your choices of materials to make the surface design your own.

Enjoy the Making.



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