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October 3rd, 2011 at 12:20 pm

Tax Relief Benefit? Shouldn’t That Begin At Home?

As far as I can see, the return on the investment known as US Foreign aid has bought us nothing but hurt.

I do firmly believe that IF someone wants to make charitable efforts outside the country that makes it possible for them to do, that is their right and privilege.

So if Brangelina want to make life better for those in Africa instead of South LA, it is their money to spend as they wish.

But NOT so the US Government.


-restore the tax benefits so that once again there is a reason for the kind of Corporate support that so advance the Arts in the USA

– make it EASIER for individual and businesses to be good neighbors

– stop all foreign aid – and take all that money being used to help fund attacks on the USA, and use it for Small Business and Development loans and Disaster Relief within the US.

– Use tax credits and Right to Work laws to encourage companies to bring back their jobs and update their facilities lying dormant.

If we must buy raw materials, fine, but let’s see if we can bring them to the US.

– Let’s make it a REQUIREMENT that all Government goods and services from Medical Transcripton to clothing for out armed forces, MUST be awarded to US Companies PRODUCING the product or service in this COUNTRY.

Isn’t really about time we considering possibly having less so that we can make it possible for each of us, individual or company to help our neighbors instead of our enemies.

Just one of those things that runs thru my head pretty much every day.

Obviously all those things will take time, but in the meantime,

Let’s stop buying off shore on eBay and support the jobs for those same products that are helping to pay the salaries of our own citizens.

Let’s fuel our economy with oil and natural gas found inside our borders.

Let’s make it clear to the Wal-Marts that we are willing to pay an extra dollar for a shirt made in the USA instead of putting an entire town out of work over 50 cents.

Let’s stop defending everyone else’s borders so that there is safe haven for terrorista and bring our armed forces home and use those funds to protect our borders.

Let’s stop selling to our enemies and limits sales of technology and raw materials to our friends.

My personal goal is find at least ONE item each month that is either “Made In America” or is helping to support US Jobs

Here is just one:
Buddy Jeans and Texas Jeans

And oh yeah, lets elect state and federal legislators and executives willing to put America first and take us back to a country where the concept of a Hand Up and further denigrate our citizens by only giving hand outs.

Okay rant over …. for the moment

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    AMEN!!!! I’ve almost completely stopped shopping at Walmart these last few years……….instead of spending over a $100.00 a month there, maybe $50.00 a year!!! I find I can get everything at the drug store or grocery at little to no extra cost. It is SO hard to find items made in USA……but I keep trying. I hope to forward your “rant” to everyone I know…..with credit to you of course. We must all speak out often and loudly to save our country.

    janice on October 4th, 2011
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    Please fee free to forward this link to anyone you think may be interested,


    wheat on October 4th, 2011
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    You go, girl! I stopped 95% of my shopping at Walmart years ago – bugs in canned food, jars breaking in my hand, could go on forever, and realized it just didn’t pay and then seeing all the ‘Mom & Pop’ shops sitting by the road just broke my heart. I do a lot of cleaning shopping at Target – they at least give back to the communities and am also trying to support the local farmers. If the government puts a tax in goods being shipped back in that were originally done by us and then sourced out – think it would bring business back? It’s a sad state of affairs out here.

    Kathe on October 7th, 2011


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