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August 11th, 2015 at 08:25 am

Retailer Reality – New Beads & Shapes

The nice thing about beadwork (or pretty much any craft for that matter) is that we are “allowed” to have favorites. those personal choices are all good –

Having been in this business for much longer than I care to admit in many roles (consumer, author, editor, teacher, wholesale and retailer)

The Retailer Reality is my needs as a shop are not what drives the market. The manufacturers choices are rarely easy on our inventory budget – because if we don’t offer it – in today’s world someone else will.

It is not really the decision of the Distributors – although they have minor influence in some aspects – it is driven by other factors.

SuperDUOs are “maturing” which means that with increased design support – there is a “designer” demand for more colors.

Personally I have come to believe that brick or click, no one can really stock it all, the best we can do is try to make it possible for you to “get what you want” – even if you have to wait a bit.

When I had my store I made it a habit to keep product catalogs accessible to my customers – and order what they asked for – EVEN when it meant I had to buy more than they wanted – so might have that excess around for a long time.

Today, as an online retailer – I try to keep that option open by being willing to admit I can’t keep it all in the store room, but I can, if customers understand some delay in shipping,

But, no way do I object to the new sizes and shapes – because if someone’s creative visions needs that size or shape, I really want them to have it.

And, oh by the way,,, I am always happy to see a product “in the chains” because I know they will never commit to the full line and people in today’s world will seek out what they want – my job is to help them get it.


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