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June 12th, 2011 at 10:51 am

Jean Leinhauser – Irreplaceable Loss

My friendship with Jean dates back decades.

While it is often mentioned her significant contributions to Crochet …

It is well worth mentioning how much she has given to ALL segments of the industry.

Leisure Arts & American School of Needlework under her guidance probably MADE the craft industry possible.

Name a fiber activity and Jean was right there ready to encourage the budding independent designers and authors – generous to a fault with her time and talent,

After Leisure, Jean, with Rita Weiss created “Creative Partners” continuing thier individual and joint contributions.

Take a moment when you can and read just the brief summary of her life in the Needle Arts Industry and look at the wide range of her contributions to all niches.


On a personal level, Jean has been one of the most supportive individuals on the planet to me over the past few years as I dealt with issues related to my own health issues and my mother’s final illness and recent death.

Just a year since the death of Kim Crews Barnett – it seems we are losing far too many, too soon of the wonderful people who have worked to make these hobbies available to us.

Please hold her in your heart as well as here family and friends


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