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December 29th, 2010 at 13:03 pm

Cranky 2011 Yarn Resolution

I get a number of messages off the lists or thru my blog
often about the same thing over and over

As I was sorting some older papers, I found a note written to me by my late father when I was a teenager.

Apparently I had tried one too many times to be lazy about getting readily available information

“If you want a helping hand, look just past your wrist”

He went on to say “I did not buy a complete set of encyclopedias and annual updates for decoration, they are meant to be used.

So in that spirit and with the clear understanding that IF you can read this message you can also use the World Wide Web

2011 Resolutions:

Wheat will not waste time or bandwidth answering questions that could have EASILY been answered by downloading the CYC information found at:
Down load a copy, print it out, keep it with your Needles and Hooks

Possible addendum, if the RFI includes an often asked question, the answer is going to be on the blog where I can easily point people at the answer the next 20

Instead I am going to spend more time working on projects and learning more about supplies, tools and other “non-standard stuff”

Happy New Year


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    Hear hear! Great for you!!!!
    And I agree.

    Robin West on December 29th, 2010


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