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May 29th, 2015 at 07:59 am

Turning an annoyance into a goal

No one is likely to call me shy aoout self promoting my little online business. It is a goal to make sure that when I do “in a group” that it is not shameless.

In other words, a question was asked, I provide an answer and since not everyone wants to read long answers, a link to more information.

Often these link to product information pages – because if I am providing support – then I should also get credit>
It is also because the same questions get asked over and over and I get lazy about retyping – so keeping the long answer on one place is a more efficient use of my time.

Okay, so this explains how I annoy others (and that I am aware of there seeming displeasure and apparent inability to use a delete or scroll key – their problem not mine)

What annoyance did I feel needed to be adapated into a goal.

When ANYONE asks a question in an open forum that is SPECIFIC to the work of a particular book, tutorial, etc and a different seller uses that for shameless self promotion by injecting links to THEIR product. As if to say, “sorry you made a poor buying choice – come buy mine and you will be happier.

And yes, there was a time when I did this and I am not proud of that and constantly work to control the temptation

Limiting this to “instructional material” If you are “among the guilty” – well not that my opinion matters, but such discourtesy annoys me and paints a picture of someone lacking respect, for themselves and others.

So if you catch me doing this – call me out
If you are right – then I will delete the comment
(excludes info page links)

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    I don’t normally have the paeitnce either but for this project I had to work out what size the squares needed to be to make the size of blanket I wanted… and how much yarn that would take to make sure I ordered enough… plus really basic things like choosing the right size needles for knitting two strands of yarn together! :)

    Kaklong on October 23rd, 2015


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