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April 8th, 2016 at 06:05 am

Tutorial Inspiration – Part 0 – Somewhat of a Rant

Inspiration and Tutorial as such lofty words. Sometimes too much so… but they also often “fit” even when said Tutorial is really, as often happens in beaded braiding, nothing more that a set up diagram, a smidgeon of materials used, and a stringing order.

Much of my “inspiration” for the series is annoyance with people who either should know better or whatever their motivation – deliberately choose not to give accurate information.

In my strongly held opinion, if a tutorial does not include details (at the very least some basic conventions used I.e., design requires disc be turned counter clock wise – then it is not helpful. There is NO SUCH THING AS A STANDARD Braid – if you want my $$$ then you better do your homework and provide useful information.

So one might say the real inspiration behind my working out the moves for creating specific structures on a disc is a combination of laziness (wanting to find the least number of steps to obtain the desired results) and significant annoyance that those who choose not to take advantage of the PDF Publication process and include a page of basic steps (aka/step outs) –

Even so called advanced tutorials need to at least reference the braid used and if the description only says meaningless things like
Standard – that is clue to the likely value of the content – IMNHO

And so my plan to create a series of Set Up and Step Outs for Bead Friendly Braids,
Hopefully you will enjoy learning the technique and then find satisfaction in applying your choices of materials to make the surface design your own.

Enjoy the Making.


March 30th, 2016 at 08:52 am

Stuff In My Basic Tool Bag for Bead 5D

Like so many things in this life, the following is a work in progress. What seems “clear” to me, may need to be further clarified to make sense to you.

How to choose beads for your braid is a question often asked and so it has me thinking about how do I do that. And, will sharing that help others?

No matter which braid structure the JABber (Jewelry and Accessory Braider) chooses, some combinations will work, and some will not but it helps to know:

1: Maximum Length tip to tip,
2: Maximum Width side to side
3: Maximum Depth front to back
4. Width of bead at the opening – note: sometimes the same as 3.
5. Distance from the center of the opening to the tip.

Fitting beads into a braid structure is not unlike solving a picture puzzle.
For me, the key to puzzle is understanding how the 4th and 5th dimensions of the beads shape will integrate into the body of the braid.

Assuming your willingness to consider all available options one can usually solve your personal concept issues. Options include but are not limited to the use of different structures, bead density Continuous, Fully or Partialy beaded), combinations of bead and stringing materials (1), and the list goes on.

In summary, if you understand the materials and the considerations of the shape, then you are freed from relying on the choices of others.

Whenever possible, braiders tend to like “top drilled” shapes – not the only possible choice – but often the best at least until you have a bit more experience mixing beads into your braids.

There are several inexpensive tools while not absolutely precise, with care, accurate enough to help you plan your project, shop for the beads and stringing materials. These can be found in just about any Home Despot type store – usually for under $10 for all three (amazingly, I do not sell any of them in our store but maybe I should)

As always, your comments, suggestions, request for clarification are welcomed below and in the Facebook (non-traditional) Study Group:
Braids Beaded Kumihimo & More

Enjoy The Making


References & Strange things found in my tool boxes & Go Bag. (add images and/or link details as needed)

1. Carolyn Haulshalter: http://topcenter.typepad.com/

Empire-6in-Pocket-ruler 2. Empire 6inch Pocket Rule Item 2730 0-46609-02730-7

Pocket_ref-Thomas-GloverThomas J Glover – Pocket Ref (2nd Edition – 1997) ISBN: 1-885071-00-0

Lincoln Electric Tip Cleaner Item: KH575 7-25636-08020-1
this tool can be used to determine needle to be used for stringing, to hold the bead while measuring and other things “in a pinch” – while shopping (with floss card) to hold enough beads to get a quick Beads Per Inch count.
also to be explained Wikipedia – Drill Bit Sizes – Conversion Table https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drill_bit_sizes#Drill_Bit_Conversion_Table

March 24th, 2016 at 08:16 am

U.S. Of America IS GREAT – Now let’s put it FIRST

Lots of people do not understand the attraction of Donald Trump – and I have said it might be that maybe one has to have been politically active as a business (not politician) person in NY and the world to begin to understand his attraction.

In my 20’s I had the opportunity to be “in the room” and see him action. I am not a fan of him as a man , but do respect his ability as someone who seemed to find that balance in nearly every instance that is so necessary to a solid business deal –

There is no question that those deals usually had more benefit to the Trump organizations, so yes, the NY “It’s just business” enters the judgement equation.

Still those that closed were the ones where you do not necessarily get everything you want, but everyone gets enough to walk away accepting its terms.

Much is being said about his ability to work with Congress – well, isn’t that what the system of checks and balances is about? Until term limits exist for the members of Congress – The Executive branch should still be able to exercise it ability to contribute to the balance. The self interest of desiring re=election in a all access world means that a fair number of members of Congress will need to act in the something resembling the best interest of their constituents

I am opposed as an American to socialism. I am opposed to the callous disregard of the Clintons and the Obamas for what I perceive as the best interests of the citizens of the United States.

So that brings us to a choice between, at the moment of an obvious party hack – one most likely to continue the policies and practices of division in order to increase and retain personal power, , a caped crusader who may not be able bend in order to get anything done
and a business man with no political track record other than what we see in his life long long business practices (including the common practice of donating to all parties because that is “just business” )

The only thing I am now clear about is not that I want to make American great – I continue to believe the United States is already great –

What I want is President I can believe until proven otherwise that will put the interests of the USA and it citizens first.

March 21st, 2016 at 09:22 am

Thinking about “language”

Some okay much of the confusion about Japanese braiding terms is the direct result of two things.

First, It is often nearly impossible to make a direct translation to a word commonly used in the English Language. This applies to much more than braiding. This is not unique to Japanese – some of my most interesting moments in craft “translating” have involved Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and German.

So, the challenge to authors and teachers focusing on the “English as a first or even second language was to use terms that would make sense to their audience.

Which brings us to the second reason there is so much misunderstanding.

Authors like Tada, Owen, Carey, Berlin, et al – were, for the most part “speaking to fiber people” NOT Bead people. Japanese craft more than most has very unique words for each part of the process, the tools and the materials used.

The result is the mis-use of terms by those who may not have a solid understanding of fiber craft related terms in any or perhaps only in their own native language.

Then, there is the InterMyth factor – a term gets used by a “popular” person and then it gets repeated and pretty soon it is treated as “fact” when really it is the direct result of misunderstanding/lack of knowledge. Not helpful to those who wish to learn beyond the simplest or easiest.

I know that not everyone is a OCD as I may be, although I never ‘filed’ the papers – Setting aside the professionaly taught classes for “the basics” I also spent several years working my way thru each of the HGA (Handweaver Guild of America) COE (certificate of excellence) requirement so I would better understand when those more advanced than I were “talking” Not a path for anyone but then few people have as many college credits as I do because I never cared about a degree – just spent money taking courses of interest to me to advance my knowledge base for a subject.

My personal goal is to help those with a desire to know more but may not have had the advantage of studying other craft to know enough to facilitate their quest for more knowledge and expanded skills.

Once the AKS (American Kumihimo Society) goal of an online wiki for just this purpose – I suppose my work will not be needed. But in the meantime I hope you will join me on this journey and that it will help you to

Enjoy The Making


March 10th, 2016 at 11:30 am

Braiding Disc – Part II – Disc Dimensions

ID=A – Inner Diameter       OD=B – Outer Diameter       HT=C – Height / Thickness

Brand Name SRP* Size Handle
BeadSmith DD * 5.00 Large yes 1 1/4 in 35 mm 5 13/16 in 15 cm 0.75in 20mm
BeadSmith DD Mini * 4.50 Small yes 1 1/4 in 14 mm 4 3/16 in 10.6 cm 0.75in 20mm
BeadSmith SD * 3.38 Large yes 15/16 in 14mm 5 13/16 in 15 cm 0.375in 10mm
BeadSmith SD Mini: * 3.18 Small 15/16 in 14 mm 4 3/16 in 10.6 cm 0.375in 10mm
Beadaholique: 5.49 Large no 7/8 in 12 mm 5 7/8 in 15 cm 0.3125in 8mm
Beadalon 3.19 Small no 15/16 in 14mm 4 1/4in 10.8 cm 0.375in 10mm
Beadalon 3.99 Large no 15/16 in 14mm 6 in 15 cm 0.375in 10mm
Dazzle-it: 3.99 Large no 15/16 in 12 mm 5 7/8 in 15 cm 0.3125in 8mm
Fire Mountain 3.52 Small no 7/8 in 12 mm 4 1/4in 10.8 cm .3125in 8mm
Hamanaka: 10.00 Large no 15/16 in 14mm 5 7/8 in 15 cm .4375in 12mm
Sally Battis: 8.00 Large no*** 1 1/4 in 35 mm 5 1/2in 14 cm 0.75in 20mm
Toner 4-pk 6.99 Small no 3/4 in 20 mm 4 1/4in 10.8 cm .3125in 8mm
Weir: 3.95 Large yes 1 1/4 in 35 mm 5 1/2in 14 cm 0.4375in 12mm
With thanks to Carolyn910, BeadSmith, and Sally Battis for providing some details. And BeadSmith for written permission to use their images.

* SRP is the advertised Suggested Retail Price – last updated 2016-March-10 – Always check your seller for most recent price.
** Prior to 2015 BeadSmith SD discs has 25mm center – this do not fit the BeadSmith Handle – price used is with instruction for 8 and 16 Round Spiral (Japanese Name: Kongo Gumi ).
*** Sally Battis disc has a beveled center opening on the bottom. As a result, although the same Center hole ID on top/numbered side, it likely will not support the BeadSmith handle.

Comments, additional details, questions, corrections always welcomed

If you would like to see the line of BeadSmith Disc for Braiding
visit our e-store by clicking here to see our products and pricing

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