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February 20th, 2007 at 15:52 pm

Kool-Aid Dyeing & Nothing Ever Disappears from the Internet

So I have been housebound. And I couldn’t find my notes, so I did a search on the Internet and came up with a copy of something I first wrote in the Compuserve Craft forums years earlier and apparently later shared on the original/before yahoo weaving list
Didn’t eve need a trip through the way back machine

Proving yet again that nothing every goes away once ‘published’ on line.

More importantly, I needed a lazy way to get some colors “in between” those included in Clovers selection – I know I could have blended the fiber, but I did mention lazy right?

My plan is to try it in the coming weeks with Each of Brown Sheep & Kraemer’s PFD (Prepared For Dyeing) wool yarn & roving.

From WHEATCARR Sun May 28 17:59:48 1995
Subject: Kool Aid Info

Mohair positively inhales and reverberates with whatever color you use. Wool can be very nice, but slightly less intense. Silk worked but only with very strong solutions, maybe 2-3 pkgs per 1/2 oz. Cotton, flax, etc, do not take the color very well unless it is a kid communion outfit (stains ).

Although it does work, I have not been pleased with the results when I used already spun yarns, either my own or some commercially done.

My best color and nicest KA yarns results were accomplished by:

* Washing fibers in Ivory Laundry Liquid
* Blending white wool/mohair approximately 50-50

Drum carded fibers took the color much more evenly, although drum carding or combing of locks before spinning will easily blend shadings.

Plan 1/2 oz blend per package of KA. More KA if darker color preferred.

After blending the fibers, pre-soak in plain water (some like to add 1/2 c vinegar) for at least 10-15 minutes.

Dissolve 1 package of Kool Aid into 1.5 quarts of water. Add presoaked fiber. Microwave on high for approximately 6 minutes or until all color has been absorbed and the water is clear. (Berry Blue and one other will not go clear; the water gets a milky white color.) Remove, and dry.

My color chart for KA includes the three new colors recently found; I would be interested in hearing of others.

You may very well become obsessed with the processes (I did last year) to be described. BUT your house will smell very nice if somewhat fruity.

Thus far I have discovered the following color names:

Kool Aid flavor Mohair color
Berry Blue *** Robin’s egg blue
Black Cherry Burgundy


Christmas red



Great Bluedini



Pinky orange

Kickin’ Kiwi-Lime

Light chartreuse green


Pale, baby yellow


Bright Christmas green


Salmon pink

Oh Yeah-Orange Pineapple

Light golden yellow




Bright, golden yellow

Pink Swimingo

Coral pinks

PurpleSaurus Rex

Lighter purple


Darker purplish pinks
Rockadile Red Fire engine red

Sharkleberry Fin



Light pinks

Tropical Punch

Deep reds

Just a last note of caution – DO NOT USE pre-sweetened KA or Jello – yes you get the colors and a yucky mess of nicely colored fibers. However, Korwyn Winde recently mentioned in the Textile Arts Forum of Delphi about using Jello both as a dye and warp sizing. I have not tried this.

If there are more, I would love to hear about it.

*** Berry Blue Kool Aid has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but is available in Jello.

Note added, April 8, 1998: As you can tell from the date, this information is several years old, and some of the color information is now obsolete.

Note added, got some started, and just had to mention, I had forgotten how good it makes your house smell

Now if the glacier in the driveway would just melt so I can get to the store, I could get more “dye” and see how the new colors work up.

If you’ve been experimenting, I’d love to hear your “results”.

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    BTW, if you don’t want to do this in your microwave, you can “simmer” in a large stainless steel pot on the stove, or in an old crock pot with ceramic liner.



    wheat on February 25th, 2007
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    this worked perfectly I used grape and it bwas amazing

    Shae Voris on July 1st, 2011
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    glad you had fun with it – if you can find the berry blue, start with the grape and when the water goes cloudy not clear, add the BerryBlue – lots of great denim shades resulted for me.

    wheat on July 2nd, 2011


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