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September 17th, 2009 at 10:52 am

Ayn Rand and Ukrainian Talent

Nothing (except possibly copyright) can stir a more lively discussion in a fiber art oriented group that defining art vs craft.

Admittedly much of my own viewpoint has likely been formed with my obsession with all the writings of Ayn Rand – even if my 6th grade teacher said there was no way I could “understand” what I was reading.

Frankly in view of what is going on in our country of late, I have been thinking that not only do I need to, like our Congressional Representative Roscoe Bartlett, need to be giving away copies of the US Consititution, The Federalist Papers, but as importantlyAyn Rand’s novels Anthem ” and “We The Living“.

Aside from the obvious, what Ayn Rand has had to say about Artistic creation and Art continue to inspire me and maybe are really about as close as I will EVER come to understanding the meaning of life.

So what does all this have to do with “Ukraines Got Talent”?

A few days ago, TheHenry sent me a link about the 2009 winner of UGT,

If you have about 15 minutes, and quite possibly even those *not* of Ukrainian heritage will need to be armed with tissues, you will need about 10 minutes to watch Sand Art Animation. I doubt anyone with a soul will find it a waste of time even if you don’t understand the language.


(HBIH – I have not forgotten)

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    I have already seen it somethere…
    Have a nice day

    AnnaHopn on September 18th, 2009
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    Hi Wheat:
    I too am a great fan of Ayn Rand. I’ve bought a golden re-issue of all of her books. Have no idea where the originals landed up, but I am sure they are in someone’s library in the family. Just thought I’d let you know you are definitely not alone. I saw the Sand Art before. Quite an artist…

    Enid on September 18th, 2009


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