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August 8th, 2012 at 07:22 am

Think Globally – Buy Locally or at least “In your own country”

Think Globally – Buy Locally
Buy-USA Everytime someone says something like that in any on line discussion group, it is immediately followed by all sorts of rationalizations why it can not be done, some is even valid.

The painful reality is not everything we need is actually still made here – some jobs are coming home and if we get enough elected representatives who are more interested in our national best interests, perhaps that trend will continue. We will see after November.

So what to do with those things you cannot do without, but can’t find “made here” (Not in the US? Okay, substitute your own country name and this could apply to you too.)

FWIW, I do ship all over the world, often as not first checking to see if I can point the buyer to a seller in their own country – if for no other reason than postage from the US to almost anywhere is high.

Thus, my rationalization is to stretch the phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally” a bit to allow it to be “if it does not create a job in the US other than delivery of an international parcel, I probably don’t need it.” I don’t need $50 plus designer jeans, I am perfectly happy with $30 Buddy’s Jeans made from fabric woven in the USA and sewn in US facilities — My next sneakers will be New Balance

Using Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, YARNandTHREAD as an example – unfortunately there are few US Made products to choose from.

On the other hand, while I understand the obvious economics, I also understand that every time some buys “direct” from another country, you cost American jobs,

Does it cost more and possibly mean we must buy less, yes, but if it helps your neighbor – isn’t that of some importance?

There are brands, distributed by US companies that employ US workers at all levels – from shipping clerks to CEO – Muench yarns of California is a master distributor for both Pony & Knitter’s Pride, there are a number of sub-distributors for these Indian and German made products

Skacel is the legal US distributor for Addi’s (and in this case those who ship to the US are violating their contract with Addi by shipping to the USA – add the helping maintain US Jobs, you are also avoiding abetting the illegal actions of the overseas seller.)

Clover-USA is a master distributor (supplier to Retailers and Multi-line distributors) is Clover. Again, their products are also handled thru a number of smaller, regional distributors who employ your fellow citizens.

Between these distributors and the retailers are employees and the families they support from the shipping companies like the USPS, UPS, truckers and more.

Of course there are the owners, employees and other staff of your independent retailers –

It may not always be possible in the words of Singer Songwriter, Toby Keith, who co-wrote “Made In America ” with Bobby Pinson, Scott Reeves

… spends a little more at the store
for a tag in the back that says u.s.a.
won’t buy nothin’ that he can’t fix,
with wd40 and a craftsman wrench
he ain’t prejudice he’s just,
made in America

So we made a business decision (and yes there is some rationalization involved) If a product did not mean US Jobs on its way to us, then we won’t sell it. (we also don’t sell products we would not use when the tool or supply is appropriate to the task)

A few years ago when I had way too much time on my hands, I researched and determined every item we sold in our online store effected the livelihoods of 5 to 500 jobs in the USA.

Isn’t it worth something to improve the economy of the country you call home and the lives of those who choose to work in your home country,

The choices are yours, I’ve already made mine.

Enjoy The Making



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