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February 3rd, 2012 at 09:42 am

SGK is not the devil, and neither is PP

May I start by saying that neither SGK or PP are my “charity of choice”

I remember the early days of Planned Parenthood. That it has historically chosen not to abide by its own stated goals is made marginally acceptable because it does do some good – and could be better

That SGK is following its own rules – not to provide grants to organizations under investigation – should not IMNHO be a reason for chastisement – or at least not yet.

Why have such a rule? Because SGK and PP for that matter have a Fiduciary obligations to their donors and to their constituency – women in need.

Neither group needs a scandal drying up its resources – although MoveOn seems to determined to create one as part of its ongoing political and social divisive efforts.

Perhaps before we all go viral with venomous commentary it would be good to get more complete facts – there are always at least 2 sides to every story and frankly I would think one needs to triple check ANY group which is primarily politically motivated and seems to have as it sole goal (moveon. org) generating as much hate as it can under the guise of the greater good.

To the best of my knowledge, pretty much EVERY State in the US has some sort of program to provide annual and even more often low or no cost mammograms to the un-and-under insured.

Instead of stamping our feet and key boards, I invite you to find a charity of YOUR choice, and make a donation. I cannot help but wonder if every one of those on line donated $10 to PP it would not more than make up for any loss from SGK.

Or, because when I was desperately in need of care as an uninsured facing major illness, it was Access Carroll and the wonderful doctors who donate their time to the organization that saved my life a time or three.

Perhaps instead of ranting pro or con about PP & SGK, you could spend that time finding a local program in need of your support.

If you happen to live in Carroll County Maryland, I hope you will consider even the smallest of donations to Access Carroll – they will use every bit of it in the most beneficial manner possible.

Enjoy the making


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    intelligent commentary at last. I have supported SGK but for quite some time, I wonder how the money is spent. I am sick and tired of everything being “pinked” just to get money, or so it seems to me. I don’t even care for the color pink.
    As for PP, I have never supported it. Not because any political or religious belief, but because of my experience at PP as a teenager. The gun was an oaf, the nurse stunk (and usually I like nurses) and the whole atmosphere made me feel as if I were dirty. And I was only there for a pelvic exam and birth control…..
    but I agree, donate locally. Instead of fussing and cussing over who is right and who is wrong, there’s plenty of local charities, research and donate to one of them.

    Robin on February 4th, 2012
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    I have such mixed emotions about SGK – I like Pink and “wear it well”, but don’t like that if you wear it people assume you to be “supporting” SGK.
    Still I do think they seem to accomplish more good and certainly would like to see them consider supporting some of the local initiatives (like Access Carroll)
    – maybe the time has come to rethink my “don’t stock pink” to avoid confusion and the appearance of sucking up- and start supporting them where indirectly possible.

    wheat on February 4th, 2012
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    Sorry, Wheat, but it’s nowhere near as straight-forward as you are saying. SGK has been under the gun publicly for about 3 years from the anti-abortion crowd, trying to (and many times succeeding) prevent donations to SGK because of their very minimal support for PP. This is indisputable, it is a matter of public record. So is the political stance of their VP, who ran for Governor on a Right to Life platform. So is Ari Fleisher’s involvement, and there are documents relating to SGK’s desire to end funding for PP going back 2 years. Further there is no doubt, based on SGK’s filings, that their senior staff is extremely well paid, as 50% or more of your donations go to salaries and administrative overhead, a far larger portion than any comparably-sized organization. SGK also spends about 8 times more than the ACS on legal threats, trying to limit (and charge for the use of ) the “for the cure” tag line, amounting to over $1 million/year. Finally, SGK is well known among cancer groups (and I have witnessed this personally when Joy was sick) for demanding top billing, and often exclusive public sponsorship of events that they take part in, while donating far less of the funds that they collect to the actual sponsor. Oh, yes, and the investigation? There are at least 3 other large recipients of SGK’s largesse who are under actual investigation by their respective consumer fraud units, but they were not threatened with losing funding. But they aren’t “abortion providers”, so…

    SGK has sowed for a long time. The reaping was predictable, as far as I’m concerned.

    John Beaty on February 4th, 2012
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    Hey John,

    You need never apologize, you know it is my strong feeling that if I expect people to respect my right to strong opinions, I have to extend that same courtesy who to those who may not agree.

    Good to hear from you and best to you both


    wheat on February 5th, 2012
  • 5

    The v-p has resigned from SGK … and the group changed its mind.

    Now what?

    There are plenty of companies that are supported by the public who never gives a thought to where the company spends its money and which groups they support.

    Marny CA on February 10th, 2012


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