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December 21st, 2012 at 16:04 pm

More UnEnforced Law Is Not The Answer

When I am upset I write, a lot more than I share

I have been doing that a lot of the last week of sleepless nights.

Frame the following within this past week of emotional devastation upon learning the grandchild of a wonderful lady I have known since I was about the same age as the grandson she lost last week in Newtown.

I came back to reading QA so I could escape this type of talk, founded in misinformation.

NO it does NOT Count that you “Mean Well”

NO it does not count there needs to be reform in how we handle mental health issue,

OR That So Many “Well Meaning” have failed to prevent our children from becoming irresponsible for their own actions so they think they can get away with this and be famous to boot.

So I decided to go read some QuiltArt to think about something positive and maybe get some creative outlet to begin to heal.

First thing I read

On 12/21/2012 11:15 AM, x-x-x wrote:
please write to your elected officials demanding better gun control laws.

WONDERFUL Exactly what we need MORE LAWS that won’t be enforced,
But Everyone will feel so-o-o-o much better.

So she wanted a letter, here is mine.

How about,

Let’s not become political puppets contributing to someone’s agenda to whittle away at our ability to care for ourselves instead of actually doing something that will help.

There IS an Assault Weapons Ban in Connecticut.

It was not an assault weapon used – it was a weapon made available by an irresponsible adult. Something that might have been avoided had the FBI done its job of timely response to background checks CURRENTLY REQUIRED BY LAW (along with about 2,000 other incidents of the FBI not providing timely response and thus a sale that never should have happened)

We could start with EQUAL PROTECTION by enforcing laws that exist – not just about weapons and their use in a crime, but ALL those laws meant to protect our way of life and our constitutional right to PURSUE Life, Liberty & Happiness –
No guarantee, we still have to work for it.

Let’s do something about the feeding frenzy of the media sharks.

How about demanding that the media not be allowed to report – on pain of significant jail time, fines and loss of broadcast licenses – thus taking away the “15 minutes” of fame. And if they use the Internet to spread misinformation, treat it as libel and make they responsible that way.

How about holding GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS accountable to COMPLY and ENFORCE the laws that exist.

You know, instead of setting up sales of easily modified semi-auto weapons to Gangs & Drug Cartels resulting in reported 100’s of deaths in Mexico of men, women and children and now showing up in California and other border states.

How about demanding the press report when a trained individual STOPS the maniacs.

Long as I am suggesting some truth from the press, how about making them accountable for accuracy.

Would you want to be Ryan after pretty much a full day of every outlet reporting he was the shooter (bad enough it was his brother)

How about each and everyone of us STOP MAKING EXCUSES for those who do evil.

Everyone who supports allowing children to act without consequences, depriving them of the chance to develop a sense of accomplishment and responsibility by real achievement,

How about we stop making excuses for Terrorists foreign and domestic and take a close look at what is called “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” Because if those responsible for protecting us condone law breaking and YOU choose to ignore that because of some misguided sense of social justice –

Yes that means I return any money to the cashier – even just a dollar because as I once told my daughter, damned if I am going to hell for a quarter and neither should you.

And by the way, I include SWAT/Tactical attired thugs in jack boots waving batons outside a voting place to be domestic terrorists even if the person sitting in the office of Attorney General does not.

How about becoming better informed.

The STRICTEST gun laws exist in NYC & Chicago , and California.
Would you like to guess where the highest incidents of Gun Violence and particularly Murder exists.

Chicago tops the list, but what would you expect in city where its Mayor takes not steps to control the gangs beyond telling them to be more careful so children are not in the cross fire.

This is not NRA stats, this is FBI annual report of the what is sometimes called the 7 deadly sins.
Every responsible gun owner I know and as a result of my background I know quite a few, will tell you the problem is not a lack of laws, it is NOT ONLY a lack of enforcement – but the willingness to overlook these crimes because of some misguided guilt.

If an adult is willing to step up, be trained (as are all teachers in Israel because of their required Military Service) so the US can match the Israeli record instead of doing our best to be the world leader in death tolls in schools so that certain politicians can use these incidents to further their agenda instead of acting responsibly to “preserve and protect” the citizen of the United States.

So long as good people allow bad things to happen without consequences – and in my view that includes setting up shooting galleries by NOT taking EVERY REALISTIC step to protect our children then shame on you for falling into the trap of being so anxious to do something, that you will opt for the least effective means.

ENFORCEMENT of existing law will be more than welcomed by all responsible owners of firearms.

If you are foolish enough to think your local law enforcement will protect you, make a call and find out what their response times are. That is IF you can make the call AND THAT IS AFTER they figure out where you are – because most cell systems don’t have address/GPS look up.

I promise you NO ONE who has ever lost a friend or family member to violent crime
gives a damn about why their loved one is dead
only that they are dead well before their time.
finally, we all really wish you would stop making excuses –

Whether it is failure to study and flunking a test so the kid has to do summer school or commits a minor crime, don’t rescue them TEACH THEM TO BE RESPONSIBLE for their own actions. .

And Oh Yes, let’s stop creating safe zones where our children, our friends, and our neighbors are sitting ducks

Well, be assured you will reap what you sew and it is pretty obvious we are seeing that.
from storm victims (who actually might need those pillowcases, afghans, and quilts), to those grieving in the unrelenting public eye – one can only be truly terrified of what the third Sandy incident will bring us.

Let me trying another context, lest you think me completely ungrateful –

I treasure everything that BELONGED to my children, it reminds me of everything about their lives that should be celebrated and held close to my heart, shared with those who new them

Please do not confuse your need to “do something” as translating to providing permanent reminders of the death of a loved one.

The prayers of all as will those who have suffered thru the untimely death of a loved one are always welcomed – or mass cards or trees in Israel or donations to help the families cope with the financial aspects of their loss.

Still No Thank You, while I may appreciate the thought I want no permanent reminders of their death from anyone

There are things you can do, they just might not be comfortable or easy or convenient, but if makes you feel better to blindly write a letter demanding more laws without any idea of “what is on the books” but not enforced – instead of doing something real…

Well, be assured you will reap what you sew and it is pretty obvious we are seeing that.
from storm victims (who actually might need those pillowcases, afghans, and quilts), to those grieving in the unrelenting public eye – one can only be truly terrified of what the third Sandy incident will bring us.

I for one will not be unhappy to see the last of 2012 – so much sadness to be put behind us as we help each other to move forward with real positive actions.

Wishing you the best possible Christmas
May God Bless Us and Keep Us
in Health and Happiness in 2013


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    Dear Wheat,
    Thank you for being straight forward and saying everthing I have been saying to people for years! Every single solitary sentiment you conveyed is so totally correct and I have been trying to convey once again due to the recent tragedy to those who refuse to see! I am a retired High School teacher – you are so right about taking responsibility where our children are concerned! I also am a NRA certified handgun instructor, who before I retired gave classes to women who refused like I did to become a victim of circumstance and decided to do something about it! My son-in-law is a State Trooper recently promoted to detective and he will be the first to say, the police are more of a clean-up operation than a preventative one! I live in a state with carry permits and our crime rate is much lower since they were made available. Training is important to those individuals who wish to have firearms, but it is those that keep us safe, not the police. Again, Thank you Wheat for venting what I have been venting for years!

    Merry Chapman on January 1st, 2013


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