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September 7th, 2015 at 06:17 am

Enjoying Our Art – In The Making

In the context of what is Good Art & How To Judge it?
this conversation with myself (and you if you care to join in) has been sitting in my blog draft files for a very long time. It seemed to fit a topic in a an art group and so time to clean it up a bit and share with you.

I am fortunate to have been given many opportunities both formal and self-study – to “learn the rules” on many subjects – including art and how to make it in many mediums.

Apparently something in my upbringing requires me to know the rules before I break them. There were two captains who insisted the only reason I could quote General Orders was to demonstrate I had not really violated any,. just added elastic to the envelope.

Does knowing rules qualify me to judge the work of another –
no it does now outside very narrow parameters.
(as in the classroom and competition situations where certain
application of the rules are expected)

Does Experience sometimes enable me to offer blunt suggestion on what might improve the quality of their work – technique, presentation, those parameters outsides the ABC’s that only the beholder can judge?
Yes it does, but few really want to hear it>
Instead, unhappily for all, few really want blunt suggestions time may allow – so one ends up in endless and unhelpful conversation about how to offer assistance.

Does knowing the rules entitle me to decide Good from Bad –
well, Cinema (movies) are considered art and
Lord know the “Critics” often significantly disagree among
themselves and with the viewing public. Or is that the “I know it when I see it” mindset –

What about “judging” what will sell?
Judging what will sell is, now that is something I have been pretty good at – for myself and others – but again, far too many do not want to invest the time and even the pennies that will elevate their work from home made to hand crafted?

My only steadfast rule for judging art is both simple and complex –

Does the work of “Art” most create emotion –

If we accept the ABC rights (Art, Beauty, Color) of the beholder,
we free ourselves to be creative,
using rules when helpful,
adding elastic to the envelope as needed.

Perhaps instead of endless introspection on the value of “Our Art”
just decide – Is this piece one where I am in it for the money –
whether those sales be made on line, at a flea market or at the studio or gallery or even commission works level.

If it is “for the money” admit that to yourself and make your choices accordingly – just don’t make excuses if you fail for any reason related to quality of workmanship.

One common defense is those not quite sure of their value – in the eyes of others – is to fall back to pointing out those considered Masters of their craft in today who were disavowed in their own era in mind as you work.

You do not need that if your goal is ART
Art is what you do because you have no other choice
The work you produce for the sake of ART
ONLY has to satisfy you –

Amazing how simple it can be when the true goal is identified early in the process –
One less thing to consider – with energy free to find the right solutions to make your work something you believe in for its intended purpose.

even it is just, oh love the colors or
even if it is only a sense of relief it is done

So my goal is always my choice of “closing salutation”
it even applies to some of the darkest of works

Enjoy The Making


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