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May 16th, 2015 at 09:47 am

Asking Technique Questions

Sometimes it seems one should be afraid to answers questions for fear of being condemned as mean – when all you really want to do is the give the best possible advice. Sort of a form of no good deed goes unpunished.

Perhaps the most important part of asking a question is the context of your attitude – and the sincerity of your desire to learn.

In any craft, asking the question often does not lead to the answer you want, but it may lead to the answer you need.

If you choose to be a victor not a victim and that means a willingness to take the best advice – even when it means a less convenient path to a successful goal.

To the point answers may not seem gentle, but if your attitude is
not only will you happier because you go the help you needed –
but your results will ultimately be better and you will be happy with those results.

Nor, should any be “upset” or “fearful” of asking when their question requires more information before it can be properly answered.

So thinking about Beaded Braids – Particularly in a group where different forms of equipment are used for the same result. What is done on a disc might be handled differently on a braiding stand or marudai.

One of the context that far too often generates “well I am sorry I asked and make that mistake again” is a question that pertains to a specific pattern, tutorial or project.

The best answer to those queries is “Ask the Author”
Never mind issues of copyrights (although those are quite legitimate in some cases and not so much in others)

More importantly, there may be very design specific reasons how and why the author of the pattern or tutorial felt the work needed to be done for the best result.

For example the simple “which is correct” Left down, Right Up or Left Up, Right Down. First, the assumption here is often that there is only ONE structure in Kumihimo – or even only ONE “basic” or standard braid.

Fact one: in some cases, such as when it is ALL one color bead AND you are not concerned about the visible spiral of the Kongo Gumi (Hard Round Spiral) that is used for the instructions for most Foam Discs – then either is fine

But there are situations where color / bead placement WILL be effected by the direction used. This concept becomes even more important when or if you decide to expand your creativity by working other braids.

Besides, asking questions of the author also means you will be helping them to consider improvements to the information they provide.

So ask your questions and then read/listen to the answers with a a mindset of wanting to gain the best answers and your time in this group (or any other for that matter) will be better spent.

If you can do that, I promise your results will be better and you will be happier for the extra effort.


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