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May 2nd, 2007 at 00:01 am

Wheat’s Aluminum Crochet Hook Cross Reference

This table is “current sizes” based on information provided at the manufacturer web sites and (added September 2007) for the corresponding US Knitting Needles, as shown at the yarnstandards.com resource website

Clover Soft Touch Aluminum Crochet Hook

You are welcome to link to this page or create your own.

Speaking of size, If Size Matters for your finished project, be sure to make a gauge swatch (I recommend TWO, one for reference and one to wash and dry as the project will be)

Shameless self promotion – my online store, ItsAllJustString.com offers all Crochet hooks offered by either Clover or Pony.


If you find any errors, be sure to let me know.

Wheat’s US-Metric Aluminum Crochet Hook Reference*

Wheat’s US-Metric Aluminum Crochet Hook Reference*
UK US Yarn
2.00mm _ A-0 2/o
2.25mm 1 3/o B B B
2.30mm _ B-1 3/o B
2.50mm _ 4/o C 2.50
2.75mm 2 C C C
3.00mm _ C-2 5/o D old 3.00
3.25mm 3 D new D D
3.50mm 4 D-3 6/o E 3.50 E E
3.75mm 5 E-4 F D F F F
4.00mm 6 F-5 7/o G E 4.00 G G
4.25mm _ G-6 F G
4.50mm 7 7 7.5/o 7 G 4.50
5.00mm 8 H-8 8/o H H 5.00 H H H
5.50mm 9 I-9 9/o I I 5.50 I I I
6.00mm 10 J-10 10/o J J 6.00 J J J
6.50mm 10.5 K-10.5 6.50 K K
7.00mm _ 7.00 K
7.50mm _ 7.50
8.00mm 11 L-11 8.00 L
9.00mm 13 M/N-13 M N
10.00mm 15 N/P-15 N
12.75mm 17 .
15.00mm 19 P/Q .
19.00mm 35 S .
25.00mm 50 U/V .

  • Metric mm to in Conversions prepared using utilities found at:

    Metric Conversions.Org

  • Hook Photos Used With permission and thanks to US Distributors:

    Pony Needles Logo & CLover-USA-Logo

    Clover-USA and Muench Yarns-Pony Needles

  • last updated 2010-11-12 © Wheat Carr

Once again,

* Based on Data Current as of February 2007.
* ALWAYS check/measure the diameter of your hook
– Older Hooks often do NOT have the same Diameter as those made today.

* If you find an error, please do comment or email with the correction.
2007-05-03: Thanks to Kim Guzman for catching the typo for the Clover H-I-J

2011-06-08: Thanks to Sarah for catching the “size N” glitch


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    My Thanks to Kim Guzman for catching the misaligned colums – and proving yet again, one should never edit one’s own work

    wheat on May 3rd, 2007


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