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January 26th, 2009 at 10:12 am

Stash Mysteries – It the P.I.G.S of course

in: Crochet

P.I.G.S. or Projects In Grocery Sacks, are an inevitable part of the Creative Crocheter life style, from childhood to the age of wisdom and beyond.

After all, we all can get “tired” of a project or even if we just ascribe to the “there needs to be at least three P.I.P. s – Projects in Progress

So how does this effect “so many hooks”. easy,

By the mid-1950’s I had already”discovered” that not all crochet hooks are created alike. Yes, even then a G was not necessarily a G,

Add to that my early sense of organization not only included keeping the Pattern leaflet with the in progress P.I.G., but the “hook used” with that project.

Why, you ask, can’t you just look at the pattern and use the same size hook. Well the problem with that is because again, even then, I did not think Crocheted garments needed to resemble suits of armour. Secondly, I have never been able to ‘write in a book’ and pattern leaflets constituted books in my warped brain. Copious notes on sheets of loose leaf paper, but nary a mark on the pattern itself.

My father once commented late in his life that he thought the reason I was good at writing/editing patterns so almost anyone could do them, was because I seemed to have spent my entire life writing out my own version of my favorite patterns, including any changes.

At some point (teen years) I decided that it would save me hours of frustration (and allow me to have P.I.G.S that did not end up in the trash because I could not remember the added details) if I bought a hook at the same time I purchased the pattern and yarn… or was absolutely sure the likely size hook was “free in my sewing box”. Admittedly it took me a bit longer to realize that since I seem to prefer using a hook at least 1mm larger than the pattern stated, that is what I should buy.

Once I figured that one out, so began a nearly life long habit of carrying around any “hooks not in use” or more accurately “not buried in P.I.G.S”

Later in life it meant that I had “a supply” that could be used for teaching the “next generation” or even just introducing mine to the satisfaction of crochet.

Does this make me rather “A.R.” probably those with the proper degree will say yes,

And, yes, this penchant for assembling all that the project requires “in one place” before beginning does carry over into other handwork as well.

I just say, No, it makes me efficient in getting started and eventually finishing…

What’s your excuse?

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    I don’t necessarily buy a new hook for every project, but once I decide on a hook for a project, it stays with that project until completion – whether it be a week or 10 years. I don’t ‘lose’ many hooks, but I do tie up a good lot of them if I gather a number of PIG’s.

    Barbara on May 24th, 2009


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