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Tagged By Abby – Oh My

November 4th, 2007 at 07:52 am » Comments (1)

Abby Tagged Me

So, according to the rules, of this sort of an Internet Version of Truth or Dare:

a) Link to your tagger: Abby Yarns .

b) Post the rules

c) List of eight (8) random things about yourself.

d) At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people,

e) visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

I absolutely HATE chain letters in any form, but because it is Abby, just this once…..

1. I blame Abby’s dad for my love of complex braiding –

2. I love History (read my school textbooks the first week while growing up) but am addicted to “Alternate” history – like Eric Flint’s “Ring of Fire” series that begins with 1632. Lately it had been Jane Lindskold’s Firekeeper series.

3. There was a period of years when the State of New York requested me not to drive and except for one trip to the emergency room, I honored that request. (don’t tell anyone, but I could have resolved it sooner, but there is something nice about always being “chauffered” about. )

4. I get up at ungodly hours of the morning so that I can always start the day with some sort of hand fiber work that has NOTHING to do with any business interest (usually spinning or weaving or Kumihimo, but it can be anything else so long as it involves touching fiber. The first cuppa coffee and quiet.)

5. I can Knit, but prefer not to.

6. I would rather do without than make do with something I don’t really want.

7. One more color to acquire and I get to start my Molly Sweater.

8. I am an information addict. It used to require access to encyclopedia’s now just a high speed Internet connection.

Now off to tag these poor unsuspecting and hopefully equally superstitious souls …

Kim, Darla, Yvette, Alaska Jen, Joan, Deb, Jackie E-S, Beth

Holding In My Heart

December 12th, 2006 at 15:08 pm » Comments (0)

I am not much of an Oprah Show fan, although certainly an admirer of the many things she has accomplished.One of the few times I did watch, was when she happened to introduce “Gratitudes”

What a wonderful concept to apply to every day living.. being grateful for the good makes it so much easier to deal with the ugly.

Throughout my life, in spite many challenges, not the least is what my oldest friend calls “being a catalyst” it has been my honor to have been helped in many ways by many people.

So, it just seemed right to have a place to explain why I will always hold them in my heart and thank them for always being there for me.

As so often happens sometimes music says it best (that and roses on your birthday) So with special thanks to “TheHenry”
Here is today’s “music clip”

Peace to you in all seasons


Speaking In Wheat – The PSA

November 20th, 2006 at 13:58 pm » Comments (0)

TheHenry says that I have my own language. So he suggested the Who-What posts need to include the occasional explanation.

He strongly feels that most people do not understand I say things sometimes either to provoke thought or because it is meant to amuse – he sometimes likens my humor to the Sahara Desert.

So okay, from time to time, I will preface a post with PSA

This is not a Public Service Annoucement (well maybe it is since it meant to protect your keyboard in particular and your computer in general) but rather a suggestion you may want to swallow any liquids before reading further, because the message to come contains a

Possible Spew Alert

Wheat accepts no liability for your failure to practice safe computing and ignoring such notices.

Wheat also understands what while many people won’t get my humor – if it has to be explained, well, you can see where this is going.

Time to venture to the Stupid Market in search of Thursday Grill Ingredients.

Peace of the Season

Who is Wheat and What Does She Do

November 12th, 2006 at 18:38 pm » Comments (4)

Welcome, my name is Wheat Michaline Carr, and to cover the three most common question people seem to have:
No I was not born in field,
Yes, that is the name on the final birth certificate
Gender is Female.
Attitude is Native New York Metropolitan

For the past 20 something years, I have been sharing my life with a wonderful man usually referred to as “TheHenry” – neither of us remember the exact date we met but it was one of those moments – long story goes with that-neither alcohol or computers were involved-but gadgetry certainly played a part.

Within the Needle Arts Business, I am a wearer of several hats, all closely related – or at least universally bound by string, and as such I have been writing “on-line” for about 20 years or so about string things.

In other words, if it uses any form of string, handwoven or spun, felted, hooked, prodded, embroidered, quilted, and beads (a form of lumpy string don’t you know”) or braided. Strictly as a passion, I am particularly enraptured by Japanese (Kumihimo, TakaDai, etc) and PlySplit Braiding. I can Knit (but generally choose not to since so many are so much better at it than I want to be) and of course, a passionate love of Crochet for more than 50 years. Some might consider me something of a technogeek thanks to my background in telephony and communications (about 45 years) and computers (maybe 30) and more recently “the Internet and the World Wide Web” (approximately 25 years I can document)

  • Hat number 1: Wandering Wolf Design, publisher of independent patterns
    which more or less speaks for itself, however we also do some distribution for Independent designers and book packaging.
  • Hat number 2: Product Development – with a concentration on working with certain publishers and product manufacturers to develop projects and such to support the use of specific materials and tools. (FWIW, I only use ones I like – life is too short ot work with shoddy materials and tools)
  • Hat number 3: Designing Author Development – working with emerging and established designing authors to either help them correct or better yet avoid the normal number of faux paxs comment to all
  • Hat Number 4: Small Business Consultant – acting as an advisor to a select group of clients (usually no more than 25-30) who own “string related” retail businesses as something of a marketing and small business advisor. These are existing and “start up” planning stages and some exisiting, were clients since start up.
  • Hat Number 5 and the oldest relates to integrated voice data systems particularly in Tele-Messaging, live operator services, and telephony which rather interestingly evolved into “the Internet and the web” so in 2007, we will be taking YARNandTHREAD.net beyond just an ISP for our group and expanding it unique perspective to Retailers and others in the Fiber Arts distribution channels.
  • Not Presently Active
    Hat Number 6 – For far too long I have been away from actively “designing” and sometime in 2007 will once again market some basic technique projects under our product line: Frantasy – a division of our Wholesale Company – Wandering Wolf Design.

Business is always business and having made most of the mistakes, I can often help others to avoid them

Over the coming year I hope to share more about each of these and of course our other ventures as part of this blog-a-venture.

The common goal is to create an atmosphere that protects and benefits each designer/author – I am really excited about the changes and emerging opportunities that today’s market challenges are creating.

The Blog-A-Venture Continues…


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  • Non-Standard Disclaimer

    Wheat Wrote WHAT !?!Assumes ONLY YOU can properly and completely perform the necessary due diligence to determine your course of action in life or business - ALL article, like all on this blog, are a starting point, not the last word by any means. While I hope it is worth more, its value is exactly the same as what you paid for it – no dollars.
    Wheat Wrote WHAT !?! began as a place to express opinions strongly held or silly without everyone getting their panties in a twist assuming those opinions to be a personal attack because they lack the ability to discern between discussing the point and flaming a person.
    Wheat Wrote WHAT !?! is also where Wheat writes about products she uses and occasionally mentions ones best avoided. These may also but not always and not surprisingly are sold at ItsAllJustString,com
    Wheat Wrote WHAT !?! is also where she expresses sometimes controversial opinions about just about anthing so please expect the occastion rant.
    Wheat Wrote WHAT !?! welcome your comments - just remember - we want ot discuss the point not the person unless they are public usually political person.
    Wheat Wrote WHAT !?! is where Wheat writes primarily about things she uses and sells thru ItsAllJustString,com
    Wheat Wrote WHAT !?! blogamentries are based on personal experience and opinon. Your experience and opinion may differ. "what works for wheat may not work for you"
    © 2002-Infinity Wheat Wrote WHAT !?!
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