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AllJustString.com – Forum For Fiber Folks

January 1st, 2014 at 08:45 am » Comments (1)

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Sooner or later everything reaches a tipping point.

We are finally launching a “dream project” AllJustString is intended to provide a place for personal development of our skills and knowledge, keep the information accessible and organized in a manner that will allow those who follow to find and benefit in a way not currently possible in other venues.

It is also a founding principle that many of us don’t have craft-tunnel-vision – meaning that we enjoy many forms of craft and there is great diversity in how we each choose to bend our string. We can admire and respect those who practice a technique whether we choose to participate,

Our goal is help each other build on skills and knowledge and derivations – while giving our undying respect and support to those offering the opportunity to expand our knowledge and skill from the quick picture or video tutorials, to (at least in my home) a whole bookcase of others who have “done the research” and codified technique, and in many cases, the history of their chosen craft.

It is our obligation as an artisan (someone who works with their hands and their heart) to acknowledge as much as possible those who made our development possible. It is our ethical obligation to respect their copyrights and never feel we “need” to get attention by sharing that which is not ours to share.

At the end of the day, other than for marketing purposes, the only thing likely to be truly original is how you present it. And that work should be judged on your competence and vision.

Our goal is to help you find the knowledge and information you need, in a manner respectful to you, and to your sources of inspiration.

I hope you will join us and bring along some friends to show and share our love of our crafts and our fiber artistic adventures (remember, beads are lumps string so they count too)

Always Take Time To Enjoy The Making
Wheat Carr, founder
The Forum for Fiber Folk:

Forum: http://alljuststring.invisionzone.com/
Shop: http://www.ItsAllJustString.com
Like: http://www.FaceBook.com/ItsAllJustString

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Carol James – The SashWeaver

October 17th, 2013 at 06:05 am » Comments (0)

Carol James - Weaver

Carol James describes herself as born and raised in the United States – descended from a long line of spinners, weaver and knitters. Carol’s maternal family were Austria immigrants and she have always felt a strong connection to these bygone fiber arts.

Carol met her future husband – a Qubcois who introduced her to fingerweaving in 1982. Together they wove their very first sash which her husband would wear on their wedding day. Though the technique came easily – it did not occur to Carol she would one day write a book about fingerweaving.

Fingerweaving Untangled
When Carol moved to St. Boniface in 1990 she was surprised to discover that fingerwoven sashes – known as the ceinture flche – figured prominently in the local French-Canadian heritage. Once again drawn to this fascinating art form Carol the need to weave sashes for her sons to wear during the Festival du Voyageur. Soon Carol was invited into the Winnipeg historic re-enactment community and found her niche as the sash weaver. An opportunity to refine her weaving technique and the chance to teach this art to others.

By 2006 Carol finally gave in to her students pressure to put everything that she had learned together and publish a book. Fingerweaving Untangled was published in March 2008 and has since sold over 3000 copies across North America.

Sprang Unsprung

Sprang is another ancient cloth making technique Carol taught herself over the years. Military re-enactors are especially keen on this technique because officers have been wearing sprang sashes since the 1700s. After a year of tireless weaving and research, Sprang Unsprung was complete and ready for sale in August of 2011.

These books may be order through my e-Store ItsAllJustString.com in Books by Carol James

My “version” of the Archie Brennan DIY Frame Loom that I use for Sprang, tapestry and more is included in my resource link – just click on DIY – Frame Loom

Enjoy The Making


Luathadh – Waulking the Cloth

January 25th, 2013 at 10:16 am » Comments (2)

According to Miss Penny Morrison and group of ladies at the waulking board-June 1970 House of Scotland.org “Fulling, milling, or waulking of home-made cloth for household use was carried out in Gaelic Scotland by pounding the material against a board or trampling it with the feet. The techniques are of great antiquity and were also used elsewhere, but they happened to survive in the Hebrides into the twentieth century. The process of waulking is called luadh (“loo-ugh”) in Gaelic, and the songs of waulking are known as orain luaidh (“or-ine loo-ie”).” (see more about waulking at House Of Scotland )

Norm Kennedy Leading A Waulking Apparently there are many songs, but the “beat” remains nearly identical for the best result, a fabric fulled, allowing for the drape needed in a Tartan, so not felted but with a fabric provide warmth by keeping out the wind and provide protection from wet weather.

Below is a clip of the wonderful teacher of weaving and weaving traditions
Norman Kennedy leading a Waulking at the John C Campbell Folk School several years ago. I was lucky enough to observe when he led a group at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in the past.

You may also be interested in
Norman Kennedy: From Wool to Waulking: Spinning Wool and Creating Cloth

Enjoy The Making


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