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U.S. Of America IS GREAT – Now let’s put it FIRST

March 24th, 2016 at 08:16 am » Comments (0)

Lots of people do not understand the attraction of Donald Trump – and I have said it might be that maybe one has to have been politically active as a business (not politician) person in NY and the world to begin to understand his attraction.

In my 20’s I had the opportunity to be “in the room” and see him action. I am not a fan of him as a man , but do respect his ability as someone who seemed to find that balance in nearly every instance that is so necessary to a solid business deal –

There is no question that those deals usually had more benefit to the Trump organizations, so yes, the NY “It’s just business” enters the judgement equation.

Still those that closed were the ones where you do not necessarily get everything you want, but everyone gets enough to walk away accepting its terms.

Much is being said about his ability to work with Congress – well, isn’t that what the system of checks and balances is about? Until term limits exist for the members of Congress – The Executive branch should still be able to exercise it ability to contribute to the balance. The self interest of desiring re=election in a all access world means that a fair number of members of Congress will need to act in the something resembling the best interest of their constituents

I am opposed as an American to socialism. I am opposed to the callous disregard of the Clintons and the Obamas for what I perceive as the best interests of the citizens of the United States.

So that brings us to a choice between, at the moment of an obvious party hack – one most likely to continue the policies and practices of division in order to increase and retain personal power, , a caped crusader who may not be able bend in order to get anything done
and a business man with no political track record other than what we see in his life long long business practices (including the common practice of donating to all parties because that is “just business” )

The only thing I am now clear about is not that I want to make American great – I continue to believe the United States is already great –

What I want is President I can believe until proven otherwise that will put the interests of the USA and it citizens first.

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