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The Ethical Dilemma of Pattern Derivatives

April 9th, 2013 at 08:55 am » Comments (7)

It never ceases to amaze me how the simplest and seemingly most straight forward of situations can evolve into an ethical dilemma.

In this case. someone is searching for a pattern.
It is in an out of print book
Someone else, who probably had the best of intentions,
but with no clue to the intended consequences of their actions…
Reverse engineers the pattern –
An “okay’ thing IF their own use – not distribution
Not when that derivative pattern is “shared” in many places.
(a blatant violation of copyright in ALL the countries involved Japan, USA, UK)
So now, abetted by the services posting/hosting the “Free Download” violated international law, The Geneva Convention.

And the moral dilemma, well, should I also abet the IP Violation by tell the searcher how to find the improperly shared patterns – justifying with “well then they will like me”
or rationalizing “The damage is already done, so why not”

Or, like our parents always said, “If they were going to jump off a bridge, would you do that just because they already had”.

So I really want to know,
What Would You Do?
How would you handle the situation
and why would you choose that method.

I look forward to your thoughts here, or on Like: FaceBook

Enjoy The Making

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If you care about your copyrights

June 18th, 2009 at 00:01 am » Comments (2)

First a note to the person(s) authoring recent highly irate drive by emails, expressing their opinion that there was no possibility this would come up again…. because the US Government was too busy instituting Socialistic take overs of private corporations…

Truth is, I kept hoping you were right – but here we go again.

And if you care,

Then best you get ready to defend them… Again

I know many of us have been working on effecting the final form of the CPSIA legislation, but it looks like we will soon be back on the front lines of “Orphan Works Opposition”

This writer has been on target before, so fasten your seatbelts.


Please remember – the best way to reach your congressional representatives & senators
is to call AND write to their district offices. Mail to the Capitol is often delayed because of security concerns.

The “ranking” of response is:

Telegram (costs money)

Letter (costs nominal funds, but time)

Telephone calls (make them frequently and be sure to say you are a voter in their district. if you work from home like me, put the number on speed dial, and call every day.
Ask, if they got your letter, Ask if the Congress Critter has read it.

Email is almost useless. Unless you have a real email for the proper staff person, it may not even be read. Of course, filling up their email box has been known to get their attention

To learn more about the Orphan Works Opposition, please visit


Help Stop The Orphan Works Act NOW

May 28th, 2008 at 16:59 pm » Comments (1)

All members of the creative community, not just the designers, teachers, and pattern authors by hoping you will help them their livlihood

But also YOU the wonderful people who use thier patterns, charts and instructional materials will be the losers. if the Orphan Works is allowed to pass.

We are not asking for money, but…

Right now members of the Pattern & Design community desperately need your help.

If you respect the wonderful contributions made by all the designers, teachers, author and members have made to your life as a knitter or other user of yarns.

If you have ever benefited from the information so freely and generously shared by authors and others in groups or on websites or blogs or in one of the “along” projects,

If you have ever used a pattern and then enjoyed your personal use or the pleasure it gave someone you cared about as a gift,

If you SELL Patterns either as a Self Publisher or as a Retailer

Then please consider taking the time to help all members of the Design & Pattern Authoring community to


This is legislation currently pending (and headed for the floor) in both houses of Congress.

It is called the Orphan Works Act and its effect on the ability of a Designer to have reasonable protection for just fruits of their labor for your use and enjoyment will be devastating.

Please visit the newly created information site:
Orphan Works Opposition Headquarters

If you want those who work so hard to create new and interesting projects for you to be able to continue, then you need to take the time to let you Congress Critters in both houses know that if someone steals your red car and paints it blue, it is STILL a stolen vehicle and the owner deserves to get it back and to be compensated if it is mis-used.

Call their LOCAL offices, Send a letter, A postcard,


Then write about it in your blog with links to
Orphan Works Opposition Headquarters

Use the links from OWOH to send email via CapWiz so we can track the numbers sent.

And we really need you to do it this week or sooner

Please make the time, it is such a small but important act that will help someone you appreciate continue to creatively provide patterns and instructions for you. .


Don’t Let Congress Kill Creativity –
ACT NOW – Visit: http://www.owoh.org

The Orphans Work Act MUST BE STOPPED

May 9th, 2008 at 09:29 am » Comments (0)

Often times I find things written exactly as I wish I could:

This is one of those, although well mixed with, MMOG I wish it weren’t so important, but it is

Help yourself, help your future, and help keep the business of quality design alive:


Hi Everyone,

Most of you know that the 2008 versions of the Orphan Works legislation which were introduced by both the House and the Senate on April 25th have been fast tracked. The IP subcommittee of the House met to mark up the bill this afternoon, and the Senate subcommittee will be meeting tomorrow morning. The art licensing community is strongly opposed to the bills because we are extremely concerned about losing our ability to earn a living by licensing our work for commercial use– which is what we believe will happen if this legislation passes.

If enacted, this legislation will basically allow anyone to use a design after a ‘reasonable search’– without the copyright holder’s permission. Even if the copyright holder objects, he has no recourse because the bill eliminates the statutory damages that currently prevent rampant infringement. The bill further requires copyright holders to register their work on a digital database system that does not currently exist. Yet the bill will be enacted whether or not these databases­and the technology needed to effectively search them­ever come into existence. It is a very serious situation for all visual artists­ designers, photographers, illustrators, and painters­ as well as the manufacturers who license and use our work.

Attached to this e-mail are pdfs detailing the objections to the bills (one for the House version, one for the Senate version). I’ve also included a letter I sent to my Congressman, Ric Keller, along with some background information about the Art Licensing industry. Time is of the essence­ we need to let people know about the devastating consequences this legislation could have for us ­and we need to do it NOW.

Take Action: Don’t Let Congress Orphan Our Work
2 minutes is all it takes to write Congress and protect your copyright: Just click on the link below, put in your zip code and it will automatically bring up the e-dresses of your congressional leaders.


Thanks for taking action! Together we can make a difference.

Best wishes,

PS Feel free to forward this message.


Joanne Fink
Lakeside Design
345 Eden Trail
Lake Mary, FL 32746

407-330-0778 fax


PDF with additional information”

Art Licensing Industry Background

OW Letter – Congressman Keller

PRIMARY Ojbections to HR 5889

PRIMARY Objections to S 2913

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