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China Closing Factories to prepare for Olympics

March 22nd, 2008 at 08:00 am » Comments (0)


I love the Olympics and all it represents, and admit that it was a very moving moment when my children and I got to see the torch bearer traveling to Lake Placid so many year ago.

So naturally will follow any intriguing headlines related to the Olympics and then who knows where those news stories can lead your mind.

As I was reading about the things China is doing to clean up – its air, its labor practices and lots of other things leading up to and for the duration of the Olympics,

Some articles gave me the impression these were pretty much unexpected…. among the passing thoughts these stories generated…

… what will these closings will do to those business who rely on Chinese imports to stock their shelves.

… how it may effect those who offer goods produced elsewhere?

… will it be a good thing for our economy

… will its effect on independent retailers

… will Chinese manufactured goods sold in Maryland end up like eggs, milk, bread & toilet paper sales prior to a reported snow storm, something to be purchased in bulk, hoarded so that during the scarcity you can sit in the bathroom eating french toast.

Just something to think about when mindlessly scanning and preparing web graphics (probably the most boring albeit most necessary part of preparing any sort of web presence)

Whatever you think or do, I hope you will consider helping to support our US Olmypians, by donating or shopping at the USOC Road To Beijing Maybe use of that money you won’t be spending on Chinese goods to so some good for our
US Athletes.

Just passing thoughts on this Holy Saturday…

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