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AllJustString.com – Forum For Fiber Folks

January 1st, 2014 at 08:45 am » Comments (1)

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Sooner or later everything reaches a tipping point.

We are finally launching a “dream project” AllJustString is intended to provide a place for personal development of our skills and knowledge, keep the information accessible and organized in a manner that will allow those who follow to find and benefit in a way not currently possible in other venues.

It is also a founding principle that many of us don’t have craft-tunnel-vision – meaning that we enjoy many forms of craft and there is great diversity in how we each choose to bend our string. We can admire and respect those who practice a technique whether we choose to participate,

Our goal is help each other build on skills and knowledge and derivations – while giving our undying respect and support to those offering the opportunity to expand our knowledge and skill from the quick picture or video tutorials, to (at least in my home) a whole bookcase of others who have “done the research” and codified technique, and in many cases, the history of their chosen craft.

It is our obligation as an artisan (someone who works with their hands and their heart) to acknowledge as much as possible those who made our development possible. It is our ethical obligation to respect their copyrights and never feel we “need” to get attention by sharing that which is not ours to share.

At the end of the day, other than for marketing purposes, the only thing likely to be truly original is how you present it. And that work should be judged on your competence and vision.

Our goal is to help you find the knowledge and information you need, in a manner respectful to you, and to your sources of inspiration.

I hope you will join us and bring along some friends to show and share our love of our crafts and our fiber artistic adventures (remember, beads are lumps string so they count too)

Always Take Time To Enjoy The Making
Wheat Carr, founder
The Forum for Fiber Folk:

Forum: http://alljuststring.invisionzone.com/
Shop: http://www.ItsAllJustString.com
Like: http://www.FaceBook.com/ItsAllJustString

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Portuguese Knitting & Asking Abby or anyone with an answer…

February 7th, 2008 at 00:16 am » Comments (9)


Ever since finding the Pony Double Ended Crochet hooks, about two years ago, I have been using experimenting with them for knitting – thinking this might be good for kids (and grown ups) to help in learning knit techniques.

When I started tripping over reference to Portuguese Knitting and its use of crochet hooks, naturally I got curious but then and now, there just never are enough hours in the day to “research”.

Recently Abby wrote about Andean spinning and that reminded me of how often I wished I could ask her Dad, Ed Franquemont about this. He was such a fountain of historical information – usually with good data to back it up.

Well, the last few weeks, it seems I am on something of a tear attempting to find more info about “Portuguese Knitting” which seems to share some technique with the Andean poeples as well.

What I have been able to find “so far”, mostly surmised from YouTube Videos, vagure memories of watching Ed Franquemont showing some “Incan” knitting and pictures in a few books, is that some how yarn is tension either by wearing the skein like a necklace, or using a pin on one’s shoulder. (See the picture of Andrea Wong here

Thus the yarn is between you and the work “most of the time”. And the yarn is manipulated to form the stitches, using your thumb in a seemingly very efficient manner. BTW, if you are a “visual” learner, then you may just find that the YouTubes with the voice over being in Portuguese to be the most helpful/clear.

Although many have suggested Andean & Portuguese are the same, so far only “Portuguese” knitting seems to use crochet hooks and at least one of the more esoteric suppliers of fiber art tools, sells these needles – hook on one end, point on the other in a limited variety of sizes, in sets of four or five per size – suggesting use for in the round type project.

I have been told that
Andrea Wong’s Video
is an excellent resource, but unhappily it will not play in any of our machines.

Several have suggested I might find more information in the out of print book, Andean Folk Knitting: Traditions and Techniques from Peru and Bolivia. by Cynthia Gravelle Lecount, ISBN: 0932394078, but so far I have not been able to find an affordable copy and/or library that has it.

I was able to find lots of sources for Marasha Lewandowski’s
Andean Folk Knits: Great Designs…

So Abby, (or anyone else) I’d love to hear from you – Or should I just resign myself, accept I can knit with crochet hooks and will never know the history

Convert Crochet to Knit? No Not Really!

May 7th, 2007 at 17:58 pm » Comments (13)

Believe or not, I cleaned this up to be as gentle as possible.

I am almost positive it will, at best upset a few people and at worst really T-off some others.

So why write it? because sometimes it is needed to give a strong opinion even when it may be an unpleasant truth instead of what people want to hear.


IMNHO – the best information about this can be found in the
Lion Brand FAQ

How do I convert a crochet pattern to knit?
Question: How do I convert a knit pattern to crochet?

Lion’s Answer to BOTH:

Knitting and crochet use stitches that are different sizes and shapes.

You can’t “convert” a pattern from one to the other.

Each pattern must be totally redesigned and even then, it’s not always possssible.

With all due respect to various authors, every book I have seen on this topic was not worth the investment either of money to buy it or time to read it.

Could you learn this in a class, maybe if the instructor was extremely well grounded technically and made it very clear that you are NOT converting, you are RE WRITING IN A DIFFERENT Discipline. And if you already possess the basic skills your your preferred craft, be it knit or crochet.

Otherwise, these books are not really helpful. Most of what I have read on the web about how to convert a pattern is so entirely simplistic and totally ignores the nuances of the differences in the finished fabric that at best, be it book or web “how to” are a nearly fool proof recipe for disappointment – your disappointment that is.

Just as “designing” for different size ranges often requires a nearly complete re-write of a pattern (unless you want really ugly fitting garments) Creating a similar look in another technique requires you have reasonable basic skills in BOTH techniques.

The truth is you can, IF you are technical enough to write your own patterns – and many experienced crocheters are, create a similar looking garment but you cannot convert “stitch for stitch” no matter what is says on all those websites.

If converting patterns is your goal, then you need to build your library of stitch instructions, and learn all the basic skills, including shaping, increases and decreases, shaping and oh yeah, that most dreaded of words, SWATCHING and not just a single swatch, if you want to create crochet instructions from knit, you need to plan to make several swatches.

Nancy Nehring is teaching a series of classes at CGOA this summer on designing simple garments and progressing into shaping – There are few people more qualified, as a technician and as a teacher to learn these skills from.

But IF the look and feel of knitting is desirable, then you need to get into Tunisian/Afghan crochet and learn those stitches. I believe there was still some seats in Darla Fanton’s Beginning Tunisian class is place to get grounded in that crochet technique.

Once you have learned these basic skills, you will be able to CREATE the look you want instead of being disappointed by the result attempting to “convert” without adequate skills and experience.


P.S. my favorite “tool” for converting – sewing patterns but that is a blog-a-mentry for another day.

P.S. Jr, if you want to send me any website that you think has instructions that will really work, I am more than willing to look and give them a fair try.

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