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The Back Cover Checklist

May 23rd, 2015 at 05:26 am » Comments (0)

Over the years, sometimes for “buy decisions” and particularly for editorial and product development purposes, I have developed “check lists” – I am sure there are medications for this behavior – but I choose not to take mind altering drugs.

Times change and so these lists need to be revisited so items importance can be updated or eliminated.

At the moment, my focus is for a new product that will be offered in several ways –
(A) Tutorial Only,
(B) Tutorial and Supplies,
(C) Tutorial, Supplies and Equipment.

Initially offered “on line” – if real demand develops then distributed to selected “brick” retailers.

There are no wrong answer, and I would much enjoy hearing why the information is important to you.

It may not be feasible to include your requirement in our final concept – still,

If YOU ruled the universe, what information would be needed to help you make a “buy decision”

I will also be posting this question on our Facebook business page at:

Email, Facebook, comments below, all input welcomed –
Thank you for sharing your thoughts,


Broomstick Lace – Stitch or Technique?

September 7th, 2007 at 01:00 am » Comments (1)

Also known as Jiffy Lace or Peacock’s Eye,

In Your Opinion, Is this type of Crochet

a Stitch


a Technique?

Please tell me what you think by voting in the poll

or better yet, share why you hold that opinion by commenting and voting

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