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Confused Bulk Ordering

January 10th, 2010 at 07:44 am » Comments (0)

There are many things related to business and in this case shopping that confuse me. There are almost too many easy ways for the consumer to do a bit of research and get the best price.

Add to that the exponentially increasing number of manufacturers, etc who realize no single retailer of any size can usually carry their “full” line, have set up information and in some cases “shopping opportunities” on the web.

Let me be very clear, I have NO PROBLEM with any single individual deciding to sell their personal stash in any of the many ethical ways from auctions on-line to weekend garage sales.

I am a member/observer in many of these groups and sometimes am very conflicted. On the one hand, I am, a “guest” in the listowner/sellers’ so speaking up is not a polite/politcally correct option.

On the other hand, about 95% of the time, they have obtained the merchandise by using false credentials. I won’t bore you with the nuances, but in most cases, the seller has given, at best misleading and worst, out right lies to gain wholesale accounts.

Some might say this is just Wheat whining because she sells on line but no that is not the issues.

Nor, is it that legitimately set up businesses both brick and click have greater expenses and so may need to ask for more to maintain extra services offered to you.

What confuses me is WHY with the information so available, Consumers would choose to buy in to a situation where they are often paying the same or more than suggested retail AND paying in advance.

Over and over, consumers say they shop on line so they can get what they want and get it now.

So last but not least they have to WAIT for the items they want.

Why not support the independent retailers whether you choose a local shop or an . on-line seller

Or, am I missing something here…

Looking forward to enlightenment

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