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Grant’s – K-Tel

October 20th, 2008 at 08:47 am » Comments (3)

With thanks to TheHenry who went thru various Knot Books, it would seem that the Grant’s Looper (aka/ K-Tel Knitter) base row is the same as The Chain Sinnet
can be seen in the Ashley Book of Knots, The Chain Sinnet #2868, on page 472

The Looper/Knitter is being used not unlike a fid is used in ply split braiding.


Others have suggested it is not unlike NalBinding, and I think I would have to agree

So many names, all for the same techniques, no wonder I am “fused”

Grant’s One Needle aka/K-Tel

August 2nd, 2007 at 08:16 am » Comments (6)

Thanks to Brenda’s leads on the “other name” lots more info is emerging

I am completely enjoying all the “memories” people are sharing and will be adding them to the comments as permission is received.

Knitting With One Needle: The Grant’s Looper

August 1st, 2007 at 00:00 am » Comments (66)

I am always interested in seemingly esoteric needle arts tools. Naturally, when a reference to Grant’s One Needle Looper came up in a Yahoo group; of course I had to go google. Nothing except an old eBay Auction.

Okay, on to the usual second source for “IT”, aka/ eBAY and nothing except some closed auctions and one picture, at least not for several months, then POOF, suddenly results in my automatic searches. Here is what it looks like:


However, in the last few weeks, quite a few have turned up and as importantly some instructions and patterns. (Happily original not copies)

All of the patterns and such give only the following company Information

The Grant Company
4149 N Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago IL 60641

The Copyrights are mostly dated between 1969 to 1970, so they must have been at that address for at least ten years, but the location is apparently now a building which has been converted to Condos.

The US Patent No is 3,228,212 and was issued in 1966 to Angela Huber of Germany. There is a later patent, 3,979,929 for what seems to be for the technique, issued to Angeline Lapi of Sprakers NY; assignee The Raymond Lee Organization

TheHenry tells me that he learned a very simliar techniques from a book on Knotting (but has not yet found the book to show me )

Although obviously the patent protections may have expired, my “project” for The Grant’s Looper is to track down whomever currently holds the Copyright to the patterns with a goal to obtaining permission to place them in the public domain.

When time allows, I will add some details about the Pattern Leaflets found so far.

I would welcome any information you care to add as comments or by email to:


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