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Why Pattern Gauge Matters

July 1st, 2013 at 14:37 pm » Comments (1)

Pattern Gauge is the gauge that the Pattern Author has designated as what is needed for the project to be “as advertised”

This is technical a draft, but it has the basics covered and eventually I will add to it –

Pattern Gauge is, often as not – DIFFERENT than the LABEL Gauge (the information noted on the yarn label) So you can’t just look at the pattern gauge and know what style of yarn to choose (DK, Worsted, Bulky, etc)

Hopefully the Pattern Author has also included some yarn specifics, for example many of patterns call for lace and fingering weight yarns and use 6mm and larger hooks – not the Label suggestion of 2.23mm to 3.5mm.

Pattern Gauge has a huge effect on the amount of yarn needed to complete the project. One might think that with the many wonderful smorgasbord project – people would be inclined to buy sufficient yarn even if that means a bit leftover. But they don’t and then its gets dicey because that color or dyelot or even that yarn may no longer be around.

So, in addition to the very real issue of yarn needed for the project and how gauge can make that a very painful experience, you know the kind you learn the hard way.

Gauge ALWAYS matters. Size Always Matters In Craft.


it is also about

HAND – the feel of the fabric – if your gauge is off it means your fabric might be too floppy/open to be useful for the project OR conversely, too tight and it is more like armour than a fabric you want to wrap your self in.

SURFACE DESIGN – if you go to the trouble to work pattern motifs, if your gauge is off you may lose the necessary stitch definition needed to make that project all it can be

PATTERN AUTHOR INTENT – Many time the PATTERN GAUGE is not the Same as the LABEL GAUGE and if your goal is to have your project look like the pattern author intended, then you need to swatch to find the combination of yarn and hook that will enable you to meet that expectation.

Now I need to get a started on things like “My Gauge”, Label Gauge, and of course the OCD Swatch.

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