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Kim Guzman

March 21st, 2015 at 09:24 am » Comments (0)

Because I like the way she writes and her videos, building a list of Books by Kim Guzman with links either to ItsAllJustString form some and to the publisher websites for others.

AllJustString.com – Forum For Fiber Folks

January 1st, 2014 at 08:45 am » Comments (1)

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Sooner or later everything reaches a tipping point.

We are finally launching a “dream project” AllJustString is intended to provide a place for personal development of our skills and knowledge, keep the information accessible and organized in a manner that will allow those who follow to find and benefit in a way not currently possible in other venues.

It is also a founding principle that many of us don’t have craft-tunnel-vision – meaning that we enjoy many forms of craft and there is great diversity in how we each choose to bend our string. We can admire and respect those who practice a technique whether we choose to participate,

Our goal is help each other build on skills and knowledge and derivations – while giving our undying respect and support to those offering the opportunity to expand our knowledge and skill from the quick picture or video tutorials, to (at least in my home) a whole bookcase of others who have “done the research” and codified technique, and in many cases, the history of their chosen craft.

It is our obligation as an artisan (someone who works with their hands and their heart) to acknowledge as much as possible those who made our development possible. It is our ethical obligation to respect their copyrights and never feel we “need” to get attention by sharing that which is not ours to share.

At the end of the day, other than for marketing purposes, the only thing likely to be truly original is how you present it. And that work should be judged on your competence and vision.

Our goal is to help you find the knowledge and information you need, in a manner respectful to you, and to your sources of inspiration.

I hope you will join us and bring along some friends to show and share our love of our crafts and our fiber artistic adventures (remember, beads are lumps string so they count too)

Always Take Time To Enjoy The Making
Wheat Carr, founder
The Forum for Fiber Folk:

Forum: http://alljuststring.invisionzone.com/
Shop: http://www.ItsAllJustString.com
Like: http://www.FaceBook.com/ItsAllJustString

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Semantics – Crochet Software

June 23rd, 2013 at 11:00 am » Comments (4)

I remember a conversation with one of the executives at Jeanette Crews some years ago. We have been having some timiliness issues with a particular designer and and the “money” guy was a bit upset about the losses because we coule not get a pre-sold book to press. He asked in an outdoor voice, “Can’t we just scan it into something and get the instructions”. The three design professionals AND company CEO all said, in GREAT outdoor voices NO!!! Someone added “and best you get that thru your thick head once and for all”.

There is much more to pattern authoring than just the design of a motif, the choosing of a shape, and oh well the list goes on.

As often as not, I will get an email that makes it clear to me that something is not clear. Confused yet?

So many misunderstandings occur when Semantics meets Expectations

how does this relate to Symbol Crochet – Well, at the moment we have very few options, each has benefits BUT none of them can replace a Pattern Author or at least none in the the under $100 category includes the ability to WRITE/Author a Pattern –
And if I had time to research, I suspect it would in the uner $200 and in some cases features in the $2000 and up range.

Rather they CHART – create a graphic representation of a series of stitches to form a Motif.

The route of the chaos might be that while most professional designers understand that until they are ready to spend a LOT more money, many new to the business of design have not yet understood this and think at the programs in the $ 50.00 range are going to deliver.

For example, looking at the two I use/have used for CROCHET CHARTING

New England’s Software describes the purpose of SymbolCro as to provide computer aided drafting of circular and/or rectangular crochet patterns using symbols.

StitchWorks describes itself as software for creating symbol crochet charts that can be shared or published …

Neither says it is a pattern writer and frankly I don’t want them to be. When we are working on patterns for publications we have to be able to format as needed.

Are there “I Wish” features – sure – but we can all save ourselves a LOT of upset if we take the time to understand what we are buying and then make a decision if it meets our needs.

Life is just too dang short to waste any of it on unreasonable expectations.

Choosing a Crochet Hook

March 16th, 2013 at 07:33 am » Comments (2)

Tapered Crochet Hook TipI generally try very hard NOT express an opinion about the best hook(s), still, every week people keep asking. With this in mind, please let me share what works for Wheat and Why.

I like hooks ends that are tapered or what I call a Flat Taper style mostly produced in India, Japan, Germany & a few other countries. I prefer metal but understand the production issues once you get above 7.00mm as well as the issues for wood in hooks smaller than about 3.75mm

Added: 2013-Mar-17:
In answer to a few emails, The flat taper or rounded point is easier on my hands. It gives one the “point” needed to more easily enter the stitches but is less likely to split the yarn plies. Also, this rounded point/taper is not sharp enough to hurt/puncture your fingers – really a pain to get blood out of the fibers.

Pony Purse Set
Hooks and the type you choose to use is a VERY personal decision Everyone wants a good value for their dollar so that is a given. After that, some look for the least expensive, some look for utility, some look for beauty and last but least some look to economic impact. You will need to decide which combination works for your circumstances.

Hooks are tools, they will be used OVER and OVER. With the exception of a set of the Pony Rosewood, I do not collect them to look pretty on my desk – Others get great enjoyment from such collections and while I often admire the artistry it is just not my thing. Last but not least I choose impact.

Double Ended Hooks
Beginning with 2000 New Year resolution (I only make one a year) my decision was that with very rare exceptions, there was no need in my home or business for products that did not create US Jobs. It would have been unrealistic to say only made in the USA but I do try to find those products and it is amazing how much you really don’t need if you choose that path and take care of what you have so it “lasts”.

Yes, many of the hooks, books, and yarns and other products currently available at ItsAllJustString are not made in the USA – BUT they do come to me thru US Distributors and that means US Jobs for US Citizens From Seaman/Sailors, to dock workers, to distributors, to delivery services and oh yeah, independent retailers – brick or click – who, like my family need to pay everyday bills.

It would be my hope that you would choose to support independent retailers and especially those both locally or on line who choose to support your creative passion not only with products they sell, but who share your passion with me for a particular craft and offer their assistance and expertise in your favorite discussion groups. Many, like me, are willing to help you find what you want or need even if we don’t sell it.

So,…. Personal Preference,

I have most of the “old/Made in the USA” Boye hooks, I have all sizes ever offered (including two that have been discontinued so their sizes would match the CYC standard Clover Soft Touch.

Clover Soft Touch Hook

All Pony Double Ended in Both Straight and Circular and a set of standard hooks, a mix of metal and plastic to which I added one or two sizes. There is also a box with “onsies” of pretty much every other style and brand offered in the USA –

There are some sizes for the 14″ doubled end straights that we sometimes have from Boye – notably their N hook (depending on when you bought it is either a 9 or 10 mm barrel) There are brands we choose not to offer for a variety of reasons.

Pony Purse Set
And yes, I did give in once to vanity – I have a set of the Pony Rosewood – don’t use them much, they are pretty to look at.

On a day to day basis, among the “stuff” in my purse is one of the Pony Sets – it pretty much covers what I need in case of a Crochet emergency, like swatch yarn at a shop or in case the proper hooks is not with the project I carried along

Denise Crocjet interchangeables

Repeating, because it is important, Hooks are a very personal decision. Before committing to a big investment, try different styles. Both Denise & Knitters Pride bits can be purchased to create a single unit – make a few things and see if it fits your needs.

I recommend that for standard, fixed length hooks, you get one in a size you often use and for flexible/interchangeable, same thing on size, but with a cable length not included in the standard set if possible. That way if you decide to go with the set later, you will not duplicate the cable lengths and will have an extra hook end in your favorite size.

Enjoy The Making

Added: 2013-Mar-17:
In answer to a few emails, The flat taper or rounded point is easier on my hands. It gives one the “point” needed to more easily enter the stitches but is less likely to split the yarn plies. Also, this rounded point/taper is not sharp enough to hurt/puncture your fingers – really a pain to get blood out of the fibers.

For Ideas & Inspiration I have been posting almost daily on FaceBook, Please visit and you like what you see, let me know by liking the page.
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/ItsAllJustString

Shoes, Must Have Crochet Shoes!

August 9th, 2012 at 10:22 am » Comments (3)

Hmmm….. I wonder if the new versions of either SymbolCro or Stitchworks would allow me to create a schematics to fill in with a crochet chart. My crocs may never be the same

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