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SGK is not the devil, and neither is PP

February 3rd, 2012 at 09:42 am » Comments (5)

May I start by saying that neither SGK or PP are my “charity of choice”

I remember the early days of Planned Parenthood. That it has historically chosen not to abide by its own stated goals is made marginally acceptable because it does do some good – and could be better

That SGK is following its own rules – not to provide grants to organizations under investigation – should not IMNHO be a reason for chastisement – or at least not yet.

Why have such a rule? Because SGK and PP for that matter have a Fiduciary obligations to their donors and to their constituency – women in need.

Neither group needs a scandal drying up its resources – although MoveOn seems to determined to create one as part of its ongoing political and social divisive efforts.

Perhaps before we all go viral with venomous commentary it would be good to get more complete facts – there are always at least 2 sides to every story and frankly I would think one needs to triple check ANY group which is primarily politically motivated and seems to have as it sole goal (moveon. org) generating as much hate as it can under the guise of the greater good.

To the best of my knowledge, pretty much EVERY State in the US has some sort of program to provide annual and even more often low or no cost mammograms to the un-and-under insured.

Instead of stamping our feet and key boards, I invite you to find a charity of YOUR choice, and make a donation. I cannot help but wonder if every one of those on line donated $10 to PP it would not more than make up for any loss from SGK.

Or, because when I was desperately in need of care as an uninsured facing major illness, it was Access Carroll and the wonderful doctors who donate their time to the organization that saved my life a time or three.

Perhaps instead of ranting pro or con about PP & SGK, you could spend that time finding a local program in need of your support.

If you happen to live in Carroll County Maryland, I hope you will consider even the smallest of donations to Access Carroll – they will use every bit of it in the most beneficial manner possible.

Enjoy the making


The Rumors were premature

January 20th, 2009 at 19:16 pm » Comments (0)

As the inimitable Mark Twain said….

Although I certainly would not be all that surprised (and apparently the rumors did exist or so I am told)…

After all I have not done anything on this blog in months. Besides it was somewhat close apparently.

Now that the consensus “I’ll Live”, and with many thanks to the wonderful folks at Carroll County Hospital and the ongoing care offered to the uninsured in this county by Access Carroll it is time to give this blog some attention.

Besides, part of getting healthy means getting back to a normal routine, so time and past time to share my thoughts.

Much of whatever energy I had has been devoted to “getting Zenned” and building Retail Web Sites, and that is an on going process – the impetus? Well, it would appear I won’t be able to travel any time soon (and have been “at home” all of 2008 traveling no further than the hospital as it happens)

Tied into that is that we have decided to destash with an eye to selling and moving to a smaller house. Much as I love this place, it is just not possible to take care of it, me, TheHenry & TheMom. So downsizing is needed.

We are evaluating what to continue to offer and what really “only sells at shows” and those things will be clearanced – mostly thru the CraftWolf.com domain and that which we plan to continue (particularly all things Clover) will be available thru the Retail Website, ItsAllJustString.com

I still hope to keep this blog relatively uncommercial, but will be including links to the products we are selling when it makes sense to do so.

The kick in the pants I needed was a request by a friend to move an old post to Deisgner Biz to the blog so she could point people at it. So I guess that will be my first (second?) blog-a-mentory of 2009.

Thanks to all who have been so very supportive this year, you will be in my thoughts forever.

So thanks for

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