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March 21st, 2016 at 09:22 am

Thinking about “language”

Some okay much of the confusion about Japanese braiding terms is the direct result of two things.

First, It is often nearly impossible to make a direct translation to a word commonly used in the English Language. This applies to much more than braiding. This is not unique to Japanese – some of my most interesting moments in craft “translating” have involved Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and German.

So, the challenge to authors and teachers focusing on the “English as a first or even second language was to use terms that would make sense to their audience.

Which brings us to the second reason there is so much misunderstanding.

Authors like Tada, Owen, Carey, Berlin, et al – were, for the most part “speaking to fiber people” NOT Bead people. Japanese craft more than most has very unique words for each part of the process, the tools and the materials used.

The result is the mis-use of terms by those who may not have a solid understanding of fiber craft related terms in any or perhaps only in their own native language.

Then, there is the InterMyth factor – a term gets used by a “popular” person and then it gets repeated and pretty soon it is treated as “fact” when really it is the direct result of misunderstanding/lack of knowledge. Not helpful to those who wish to learn beyond the simplest or easiest.

I know that not everyone is a OCD as I may be, although I never ‘filed’ the papers – Setting aside the professionaly taught classes for “the basics” I also spent several years working my way thru each of the HGA (Handweaver Guild of America) COE (certificate of excellence) requirement so I would better understand when those more advanced than I were “talking” Not a path for anyone but then few people have as many college credits as I do because I never cared about a degree – just spent money taking courses of interest to me to advance my knowledge base for a subject.

My personal goal is to help those with a desire to know more but may not have had the advantage of studying other craft to know enough to facilitate their quest for more knowledge and expanded skills.

Once the AKS (American Kumihimo Society) goal of an online wiki for just this purpose – I suppose my work will not be needed. But in the meantime I hope you will join me on this journey and that it will help you to

Enjoy The Making



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