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December 1st, 2006 at 03:40 am

What is… Blog-A-Venturing

This is one of those posts that got lost in the great – what do you mean I should have backed up the data base when I put in the upgrade Blog-A-Venture. It was meant to be one of the first, “what is”

Like the word BLOG itself, Blot-A-Venturing is a made up word.

Blog as you probably already know, is contraction of the words, Web & Log

We, Wheat & TheHenry refer to our “road trips” as “Adventures” they can BIG ADVENTURES (this would cover things like our first trip to Disneyworld together) and are call Benture
Little day trip are Mini-Bentures.

I don’t know why, except it likely started in a moment of silliness, that B got subbed for V, but it did so when as I started the “BLOG” learning process, Henry kept asking (he does nag a lot – he calls it keeping me focused and on track) how the Blog-Benture was going.

Thus the word, Blog A Venture and of course extenstion

Blog-A-Venture is blogging, your or mine

Blog-A-Venturers are those who also Read & Write thier own blog or comment in others. (sorry but blog roll just sounds like a baloney sandwich gone bad.

Blog-A-Mentary, just sort of seemed logical and much less boring than Blog Basics

HTH (Hope This Helps)



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