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December 14th, 2006 at 20:35 pm

Designer Resources: Model Makers

A Model Maker, no matter how the string is used, is someone who takes your directions, uses the supplies listed in your instructions and makes a PICTURE PERFECT “MODEL” of the project you have designed.

What is a Model used for? Project Models are used for “photography” or the three T’s: Teaching, Trade & Trunk Shows

Unlike a Pattern Tester, A Model maker is allowed to some latitude to “fudge”, but *must* keep the design team informed of the need to finagle in order to “get it to look right”.

Whatever form of payment agreed to (Barter, Cash or other compensation) there needs to be a solid “Work for Hire” agreement in place with all rights clearly stated and all necessary releases exchanged BEFORE the work begins –

The Model Maker HAS to be a Perfectionist – Even the best stylist cannot always “cover up” flaws in workmanship.

If the work is to be used/handled during its use for the 3T’s, then the model has to be well constructed to survive such potential abuse. Or the Designer needs to plan how to protect a delicate item.


    A model maker can be anyone who possesses:

  • above average skills in the technique
  • dedication to the highest standards of execution of the craft
  • the ability to produce a “picture perfect” project sample.
  • willingness to communicate in a competent and timely manner

So what else do you think is “important”


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