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November 29th, 2006 at 12:04 pm

Let’s Do Links – It’s So Blog-A-Mentary

We all have such widely varied interests and ways of expressing ourselves, that I find myself more enamored daily with Blogs-

And, as a marketing tool, well, here is what I wrote today to the Yahooligans of the TNNA-Designers & Teachers:

Recently in several “retailer” forums, there has been discussion about difficulty knowing who will be showing at Wholesale Events.

As a partial result of that, we have “opened” up our (TNNA-Designers & Teachers)Links for Viewing by “anyone” who happens onto our home page:

Several Retailers have already let me know they see this as an EXCELLENT Resource and hope that all the “Designer & Teachers” will be sure to list themselves and their websites

This morning I added a NEW category of Links.
to our groups publically “viewable” links

And here is why.

If you read ALL the comments from Retailers when they talk about attending Markets, one of the reasons that always get mentioned is the chance to visit with and get to know the Designers.

It is certainly worth noting that the in just one week, CNA Magazine the Wall Street Journal and even our local county newspaper all had articles about the power of Blog-Marketing.

Blog-A-Venturers offers a unique opportunity to promote you, your brand, and your products with minimal investment.

Meanwhile, I’d love to do Links with any TNNA Designer or Teacher

Let’s Blog About It!



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