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November 27th, 2006 at 12:08 pm

Bond Is Back & his name is


We love action movies – you know the kind you can lose yourself for an hour or two without straining your brain.

Ever since Sean Connery stopped being Bond, James Bond that is… I have not really enjoyed Bond movies…. at all.

So had been stalling each time TheHenry mentioned going to see the new Casino Royale – well on Saturday we ran out of errands – (meaning I was out of excuses) in time to make the “matinee/cheap/1/2 price” show at our small local threater

Wow I am glad I did. The only even vaguely negative thought throughout the entire movie was a fleeting during the first few minutes of the movie – “MMG how can they possible make the rest of the movie as good as this sequence”

Well they did so Ladies and Gentleman, even though

  • Roger Moore was a clown,
  • Timothy Dalton was dreadful,
  • Pierce Brosnan was, well, not believable, but with his looks and mannerisms a woman can forgive a lot – especially when you consider that fencing scene.
  • Then there are the other guys whom I cannot even remember – maybe its post-traumatic stress amnesia – their Bonds were so bad, I have to block it from my conscious mind

For me, Bond will always be about believable action and THE LOOK.

It is the look that says, when serious, you are in a world of trouble

And when it has that smirky quirky smile, it says you are about to fall into a whole different kind of heartache – good and bad.

Sean Connery has it and no Bond since him could do quite so much with either the Dead Serious or Smirky Quirky Boyish Babe catching lopsided closemouthed grin.

That first few minutes will rival the plaza scene from Heat (another movie with guys who can do the “look” and firmly set the tone,

It is true

And His Name Is

already planning to buy the DVD.


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