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December 12th, 2006 at 11:21 am

Yo-Yo’s Gone Wild!

A few weeks ago Joan Hawley was chatting about Fall Quilt Market and mentioned her fascination with Clover’s New Yo-Yo tool. So when a box arrived from Clover with new stuff including samples of each size, I have been speculating on some sort of extreme Yo-Yo Project.

One of the interesting new magazine for sewists is Cutting Edge

I can’t wait to hear what Joan has to when she see the the Winter Issue and this fun project

yo-yo-quilt1.jpgCutting Edge – Wild Things p.78-79

It is just giving me visions of a HUGE Yo-Yo-Purse, covered in Tiny Yo-Yo’s on Joan’s arm, or for me perhaps on the back of a Jacket, just have to decide if I should just read the directions in the magazine or try using the Clover Tools as a “template” to make a HUGE tool from card board and then on to a “PROJECT”

Just something silly to think about and maybe do during the long cold days of winter

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    I love this!

    Karen on January 16th, 2007
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    I love the yo yo blanket you have featured here. I am wondering where I can find hte pattern or tool to do it? I checked the link to the Cutting Edge and couldn’t find and also checked on clover’s website.
    Thanks for any advice you can supply!


    MIssyr on November 2nd, 2008
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    Guess the magazine “bit the dust”

    We’d have to experiement with how to make the templates, but they were sewn just as you would any yo-yo. Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl has a tutorial at:


    I think if you used say a clean trash can lid (round not square) to make your circles you would get some pretty good sized yo-yo –

    If I remember correctly, they were stitched onto a sheet or other pieces of fabric to give them more support and stability.

    Let know if you try.


    wheat on November 3rd, 2008
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    that looks about the size of a dinner plate….I love it! I’m going to try to make one!

    Erika on April 20th, 2009


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